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99 Explorer - Flashing O/D Off Light

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Old 09-23-2007, 05:00 PM
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I'm sorta in the same boat. 99 Explorer 4.0 SOHC 5R55E.
Had the 2nd to 3rd shift flare isuue. So back in July I updated the Sep. Plate, Blow Off Valve, and EPC. Tested impedence on all the solenoids (TCC SSA SSB SSC SSD) and sensors (OSS TSS Temp) all tested ok. After the rebuild I road tested and still have the flare. Along with the O/D light now flashing when driving in town. The codes I get are P0735 (5th incorrect ratio) and sometimes P0732(2nd incorrect ratio). I'm getting ready to test the rear ABS (VSS) sensor, but I would think my speedo would operate incorrectly if a problem there existed. Also checked the alternator. Output is a little low @ 13.6v but not bad. Almost forgot I also adjusted the bands.
We also have a 98 & 97 with 5R55E and 4.0 OHV. High mileage and never any trouble.
So does anyone know what is wrong with this beast?? What am I overlooking?

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Old 09-25-2007, 08:21 PM
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hey Matt,
I Seem to be having a similar problem on my 96 explorer 4x4 with a hard 1-2 shift, i recently replaced a B-Solenoid after geting p0756 on my code reader and that fixed the problem for about a month yesterday i was driving and accelerated hard from a stop and it began to slip. If i am light on the gas it will simply shift from 1-2 roughly.. but if i gas hard then it tends to slip.. I am thinking of replacing the transmission. any suggestions? or should i simply do the gasket as you spoke about in the above postings.
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Old 09-25-2007, 09:39 PM
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u should try to pull the valve body down and look at it.

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Old 10-05-2007, 04:24 PM
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Question flashing OD/light/flashing 4wd/Whats going on?Bad sensors OR big Trouble?

Hello, I am new here and hope I am posting correctly.I have been reading and learning even though I know nothing about cars.
My 97 explorer is doing the same as others are talking about, blinking 4wd light started but seemed to drive fine, this went on for months, happening now and then, not all the time. (6 flashes, stop then six flashes)
Then the OD light started doing the same thing. It didnt do it all the time only now and then. Then the car started like grinding or like the brakes were on while turning corners.

I took it to the garage and they put a new auto shift motor $300+$100 labor,I believe he did call it the transfer case to fix the 4wd problem. Drove great for a week, no problems but I dont drive much so my son took it out for a hour or so and the OD/off light started blinking again and when braking it started screaching even though the brakes feel fine!
This screaching is something new, never had this before! Only after they put that new part on for the 4wd. It only happens now and then. I think the longer it is driven it starts its crazy stuff.
I feel this new screaching noise has to be from something the garage did when putting in this new case, but when I called they said probably not.
Thinking back to last year about this time, the car started running rough ,"hard start" he called it. So I took her in to my usual garage, he did a total flush. (no idea what sort of flush b/c I know nothing about cars) but it has ran great until all this started that I have been talking about.
Sorry for such a long post but I hope I can get advise before I spend money that I don't need to spend and before I take it back to the garage and have some idea of what Im talking about and now with this new screaching and being a woman.
Could this new auto shift motor be causing this screaching noise? What to do now about the OD/off light? I dont feel any thing wrong with the way it drives as far as the gears shifting.
As far as disconnecting this 4X4 that I have read about in some posts that would be fine with me but not sure if this is my problem or was or something we could have done instead of replacing that case?

Now the 4wd seems ok but the flashing OD/off and this new scraching when braking. What is it and what to do? My old mechanic told me to always check the sensors in this vehicle before doing anything, but he is no longer working. HELP.
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Old 10-05-2007, 05:01 PM
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Hello? any ideas?
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Old 02-06-2013, 05:19 PM
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99 Explorer


Like many others here I have a 99 Explorer with an automatic transmission and the blinking "o/d off" light on the dash, as well as my vehicle not shifting properly when this occurs. I have a friend with one of the gadgets you plug in to get the code to see what's wrong and it says nothing is or "no codes". I've read through the topics on here as well as other places and this one seems to have the most success so I hope you can help me. I've heard Autozone will do the scan free so should I take it there and see if their machine comes up with a code even though the other one didn't or should I take another approach? I would like to figure out what's wrong before I spend any money and make sure I'm spending it the right way and proper amount before I do. Any and all help is greatly appreciated in adnvance so thank you.
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Old 07-01-2014, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by fordboy_52 View Post

Can someone send it to me please? I'm having the same exact problem. :-(. Mychellbell24@gmail.com
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