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91 Bronco Manual Conversion questions

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Old 02-15-2017, 08:58 AM
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91 Bronco Manual Conversion questions

So, I have this 91 bronco 5.0L E40d. (the engine is toast) I also have an opportunity to get a 1990 F250 with all the running gear (351W, Zf5, 4x4,) for $300. I'm assuming that all the parts will fit, and i can use the 5.0l Fuel pump unit to supply the 351W.

Can anyone verify that that all the parts from this 90 F250 will fit into a 91 Bronco? i know the rear drive shaft will need to be shortened, but besides that, any other problems that anyone can think of?

Any input is appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!
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Old 02-16-2017, 06:12 PM
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The motor and transmission should fit exactly in place. I believe they use the same motor mounts as well. You will have to change out the stock y-pipe from the exhaust to match up to the 5.8 however. If you have original exhaust, it would be a phenomenal time to change out the crappy stock y-pipe for an aftermarket one and try and even try and get some shorty headers. Otherwise, just take the stock y-pipe and exhaust manifolds off the F250 if they are still there.

The transfer case MAY have to be swapped from your bronco to the ZF5. Some of the F-series trucks used a driveshaft the slides into the tailshaft of the transfer case from what I've seen. On the Broncos, the driveshaft bolts onto the transfer case.

Both transfer cases will be interchangeable on the transmission so you're good there.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty certain the 5.0 fuel pump will be adequate for the 5.8 (or even be the same pump.) It will definitely run the motor pretty well if it isn't the same but could risk running lean at higher throttle if it is too weak. I'm pretty confident you'll have no issues with the pump though.

You'll need to make sure to have the PCM swapped from the F250 to the Bronco as well.
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Old 02-16-2017, 10:43 PM
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Well if you've got the fab skills you can make pretty much anything work with pretty much anything else. And since you are planning on swapping almost the whole powertrain you should have very little problems anyway. Bubba already said it as well as it can be said I think. I do have one little addition, if the t-case to driveline thing does become an issue, it might be easier to just have a custom drive-line made. This will likely be a bit pricey but not much more than just having one shortened like you will have to do anyway. And this is only if you would rather have the unspecified t-case from the 250 instead of your existing one (BW1356/54?) from the Bronco. Either way it can be done and likely without too much trouble. Also, go to NAPA or Carquest or something and do a search for your fuel pump under the premise of both engines, read the part numbers and see if they match up/cross reference. (you could also see if the counter guy will do this for you but alot of times they don't really know anything. I hint would be if you are buying wipers and he asked you if the car is an auto or manual... but i digress) If they are not exactly the same you could try and find their respective gpm and compare, or just play it safe and swap pumps over. Oh and also linkage, indicator, steering column mods...
So in summary, dont forget:

-Exhaust modification
-PCM Swap
-Driveline modification
-Adding shifter, clutch master cylinder, and clutch pedal to the bronco + linkage and plumbing to the new trans.
-Possibly changing out the steering column? Since you wont have need for the column shifter anymore. maybe just deleting that part.
-Might want to add a tach if you dont have one already. Might even be easier or want to swap out the dashes even.

I feel like i am missing something but there you go! I see you obviously aren't new to all this but I hope that helps.
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Old 02-18-2017, 12:33 PM
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Thuderhorn covered the other stuff I didn't say, but as for the Tach, you may be lucky enough to swap around the actualy gauges in the instrument cluster so you can get the tachometer, oil/temp, and fuel/voltage gauges in your original cluster along with your original odometer.

Now, switching the entire clusters would be a little easier. If like keeping my original odometer with the truck so I can have the chassis/frame mileage known.

On the 92-96 Broncos. It's super east to swap around the factor gauges and add the tachometer to it. I did this before to add a tach, then I had to do this again when swapping to the diesel. My gas odometer works in the diesel cluster with all the wiring too so that was nice.
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