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f350 build help

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Old 09-17-2013, 08:40 PM
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f350 build help

hey guys ive been using this site for a little while now and have got great help and am in need again.

ive got a 1993 f350 with a 460 and e4od trans that started out as a 2wd dually and the people I bought it from were in the process of making it a 4x4 mud truck, which is when it came to my possession and im finishing the project.

they pretty much took the independent front end and welded it together and made a solid front axle out of it along with taking the hub assembly and everything from the rear axle off and just put the rear tires on it, which is stupid because it now as no rear brakes and a crap front end.

so ive got a buddie of mine tht just bought a 2003 f350 with the 6.0 diesel and he said hes taking the engine and trans from it and I can have the rest for $750. so the cab, bed, frame, and suspension. btw, the cab is missing fenders and doors.

alrite so when I first drove the 93 when I got it home I didn't get far before I started pissing tranny fluid so I parked it at my house and pulled the e4od and ended up replacing the front and rear seal, pump gasket, pump o-ring, pan gasket and filter.

now in another note the 93 also came with a c6 tranny tht I was originally going to swap in and a tranny guy tht I know said it would be close to 1000 to rebuild the c6 and also gave me a price of 650-700 to convert the e4od to 4x4. ive also got a transfer case with the deal when I got the 93.

so at first, I was going to make the truck a 4x4 by just taking the transfer case I got and doing a divorced case and still using the e4od since ive already done the work to it. so run a short shaft from the trans to the transfer case then a shaft to the rear axle and then a shaft from the transfer case to the front end. and in time when I have the extra cash, have the c6 rebuilt and convert the 460 to carb and swap in the c6.

but then today my buddie called me with the 2003 f350 deal, so now im thinking about just taking the entire running gear (axles, driveshafts, transfercase) from tht truck and putting all of tht in my 93. the front is a dana 60 and the rear is a sterling 10.5, im not sure about the transfer case but I figured itd be more heavy duty than the one I have.

I know its a lot to read but I hope u guys can bare through it and please give me some good feedback on what I should do and the best way to get this truck up and running smooth and reliable, because im kinda stuck lol but thanks again for all of ur guys' help!
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Old 09-18-2013, 05:50 PM
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2003 stuff will have metric lug pattern, transfer case wont bolt up to your obs stuff, and the front axle will have coil buckets instead of leaf perches (you could use your coil stuff youll just have to fab proper accessories to accommodate the 03 axle). . .

sounds like you need to take a step back, figure out what your ultimate goals are, collect parts that will get you toward that goal, and have at it that way. you are bouncing all over the place doing things that cause you more grief, and collecting parts that wont bolt right up with what you have already.
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Old 09-18-2013, 07:24 PM
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I guess the ultimate goal would be to build a truck that is going to be strong enough, and reliable enough to get me through the hell im going to be putting it through.

I realized the 03 axles would be a metric lug pattern after I posted the thread, would I have to just find wheels with a metric lug pattern that would also fit the current tires I have in the truck now?

And I was told that the 03 f350's still had leafs, I wasn't aware they were changed to coils then, and I don't have the coils or anything from the old independent front end. and id like to keep it the way it is, leafs in the front if possible

and what did u mean the 03 transfer case wouldn't work with the obs setup, and what is an obs setup?
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Old 09-18-2013, 07:48 PM
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obs= old body style, mostly refering to 92-97

and yes from 99-03 the front axles of the super duty were leaf spring

you said that your truck was origionally a 2wd, is it set up for factory coil springs or did the PO make something to add leafs?

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Old 09-18-2013, 08:04 PM
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the guy I got the truck from had already converted the coils to leafs, took out the coil spring, shock, and also the spring and shock housing and put in the leaf.

the perches they made were too narrow for the 3 inch leaf spring and so I was going to fab up some new perches out of some 4 inch square tubing but now that this 2003 f350 came into the mix I was going to take the perches from that.

so could I take the 2wd e4od I have from the 93, use the 03 transfercase and do a divorced setup? run a short shaft from the trans to the tcase then out to the rear axle, and another for the front axle? or would I have to convert it to a 4x4 tranny?
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