VIDEO: How to Replace a Power Mirror on a 1999 Ford F150

If you have a broken or cracked mirror on your 1999 Ford F-150, you can replace it yourself. The procedure is relatively easy and requires about an hour of your time.

Tools and Equipment You Will Need

  • a medium-sized flathead screwdriver
  • a ratchet and extension
  • a 7/16ths-inch socket (preferably magnetized)
  • replacement mirror

Remove Old Mirror

  1. Place your screwdriver blade between the vertical inner door upright and the metal door frame to separate these two parts. Remove vertical door upright.
  2. Use your screwdriver in a similar manner to remove the plastic retaining ring around the door-opening handle.
  3. To remove the main inner door panel, unfasten the two Phillips-head screws that hold it onto the F-150′s metal door frame. One screw is located on the inner door upright; the other screw is located in the recess where the door-opening handle is.
  4. To remove the entire inner door panel, first lift it slightly off of the metal door frame. Now reach in and detach the wire harness that powers the door light; use your screwdriver to unmount the power window/power lock panel from the door panel. Slide the window/lock panel through the opening in the door panel. Now you can lift the entire door panel off of the metal frame.
  5. Remove the stick-on cover that covers the mirror attachment assembly.
  6. Use your ratchet and 7/16-inch socket (magnetized) to loosen the three nuts that hold the mirror onto the door. Remove the nuts and the three washers. Caution: To avoid having the washers and nuts fall into the door panel, use a magnetized socket.
  7. Use your screwdriver to unfasten the electrical cord that powers the mirror.

Install New Mirror

  1. Grab the new mirror and make sure the plug attaches to the power cord correctly. If it does, operate the mirror and turn signal to make sure they work before you feed wire through the door and before you actually install the new mirror.
  2. After you find you have a working mirror, place the mirror on the outside of the door and run the wires through the door. Fasten the top nut/washer onto the new mirror’s top bolt.
  3. Attach the wire harnesses together. Test mirror again for proper operation.
  4. Use you ratchet and socket to attach the other two nuts/washers to the remaining two mirror mounting bolts. Tighten them down snuggly.
  5. Re-attach stick-on backing to mirror mounting area.
  6. Grab the inner door panel and connect the cord for the light. Bring the power window/power lock panel through the door panel.
  7. Attach door panel to metal frame. Snap in the power window/power lock panel.
  8. Re-fasten the two Phillips screws you removed previously.
  9. Re-mount the retaining ring around the door-opening handle.
  10. Re-mount the vertical inner door trim piece, making sure the metal clips line up.
  11. Snap the plastic cover onto the back of the mirror.

Now you have a new operating mirror you installed yourself.

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