VIDEO: How to Install an Agri-Cover Bed Cover on a 2010 Ford F150

The Agri-Cover bed cover is an easy-to-install, all weather cover that will protect your stuff and your truck bed from rain, hail, dust, dirt, and grime. It is made of tough naugahide-like material and can be adjusted for tightness. The Agri-Bed cover also does not take up any additional space in your truck bed. This means you still have all the room you require to store and haul your gear. The Agri-Cover kit consists of:

  • 2 rails
  • the cover
  • 6 clamps (3 per side)
  • 2 tension adjusters
  • miscellaneous nuts/bolts
  • a self-adhering gasket with an alcohol prep pad

Below are instructions on how to install an Agri-Bed bed cover on a 2010 Ford F-150. You can install the cover yourself, but why not ask a friend to help? Have fun!

Tools and Equipment Required

  • two 9-16ths wrenches
  • one ½-inch wrench
  • scissors
  • spring clamp
  • tape measure

Install Rails

  1. Use the spring clamp to hold rail onto inside truck rail (or have your friend hold it on for you). Make sure the rail is flush with the truck rail and that the top lines up evenly with the top of the truck rail.
  2. Install the clamps provided (3) that hold rail onto truck rail. Tighten clamps with your ½-inch wrench. If rail is not level and flush, adjust clamps.
  3. Install the other rail on the other side of truck bed using the remaining 3 clamps and your ½-inch wrench.

Install Cover

  1. Before you install the gasket that protects your truck’s cross member (the one that butts up against the cab), prepare the surface with the alcohol pad provided. Now measure the amount of gasket you will require, cut it with the scissors, and carefully apply the gasket along the cross member.
  2. Place the cover upside down on tailgate and install the two tension adjusters. Place bolt into fastener and tighten (loosely) with your 9/16ths-inch wrench.
  3. Hoist cover up to front of bed behind cab with the top bar facing up. Flip top bar so it faces forward.
  4. Feed top bar into place, making sure it’s snug. Slide tension adjusters on both sides so they meet up with their respective holes in the rail. Grab the bolts provided, put through holes and tighten down snuggly with your two 9/16ths-inch wrenches.
  5. Check the amount of side-to-side play between the bar on the cover and the side rail. There should be about 1/8-inch of play. Tighten down the adjusters on cover with a 9/16ths-inch wrench.
  6. You can adjust the cover near the cab with the adjusters if it is too tight or too loose. You can adjust it if it is too loose or too tight against the tailgate by adjusting the bracket. There is a lock for the cover on the passenger side near the tailgate and a quick-release lock on the driver’s side.
  7. Tighten down both sides of cover.

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