VIDEO: How to Install a Bed Step on a 2010 Ford F150

This is your guide to installing a bed step on a 2010 Ford F150 pickup. A bed step makes it easier to get in and out of your pickup’s rear bed. This is a relatively easy and quick installation. To accomplish the task, you will require the following tools and equipment:

  • 3/16² hex driver
  • 17 mm socket
  • 21 mm deep-set socket
  • ratchet
  • breaker bar
  • torque wrench

Assemble Bed Step

You will be assembling the bed step before you install it on your 2010 Ford F150.

  1. Put two 17mm bolts and their washers from the bed step kit and place them into the arm. Tighten with your ratchet and 17mm socket.
  2. Place 3 threaded plates into 3 slots in the rear of the step. Choose which slots for best position.
  3. Attach step to the bottom of the arm with 3 allen head bolts. Use allen wrench to tighten down bolts.

Attach Bed Step to Truck

Before you attach the bed step to the truck, you are going to have to remove two 21mm bolts and their washers temporarily from the bracket the helps hold the rear bumper to the 2010 Ford F150 frame.

  1. Slide underneath the rear of the truck and you will see the three bolts/washers near where you are going to be installing the bed step. Use your breaker bar with the 21mm deep-set socket and ratchet to break loose the two upper bolts.
  2. Thread the bolts through the two holes in the bed step bracket. Use the two 21mm bolts/washers you just removed to attach the bed step assembly to the truck frame. Install the bolts using the ratchet and 21mm deep-set socket. Hand tighten; then use your torque wrench to torque bolts to 80 lb. ft.

Your bed step is now completely installed.

Note: If you would like to adjust the position side-to-side of the bed step, you can remove the 3 allen head bolts, move the threaded plates into different slots in the step, and re-install the allen head bolts.

How to Use the Bed Step

When the bed step is in the upper position, use the toe of your shoe to get between the bed step and the 2010 Ford F150′s bumper, then gently press down with your foot and leg to lower the bed step. After you’re finished using the bed step, use your foot to gently kick the bed step back up into the closed position.

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