VIDEO: How To Do A Ford Truck Bed Liner Installation

Owners of Ford Trucks looking for a new liner in the bed of their trucks should know that it’s quite simple. If you are using a BedRug bedliner, it’s also essentially tool free.

Tools Needed

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Soft Rags


1. Assemble the Liner.
BedRug bedliners have a zipper for assembly. You just turn the liner upside down and zip it up.

2. Attach the Fasteners
You will need a number of hook and loop (or Velcro in layman’s terms) fasteners to secure the liner to the bed. These are included with the bedliner and the locations where they attached are all clearly marked. Just go along the bedliner and attach the fasteners at the appropriate locations. It’s a good idea to line them all up near the location before attaching, though. That way you can make sure you are using the right fastener at the right place (there are several sizes). It would be a bad thing to discover later that you’ve secured one in the wrong place and need a certain size (that you’ve used in another location) to finish it off.

3. Reverse the Liner
The next step is just to flip the bedliner over and reverse it. You’re essentially turning it right side out. This will probably be easier if you have more than one person working on it.

4. Clean the Bed
The next step is where the rubbing alcohol and rags come into play. You need to clean the bed of the truck. The main reason for this part of the process is to make sure the liner attaches securely. However, it doesn’t really make much sense to lock a lot of dirt and grime between the liner and the truck bed.

5. Attach the Bedliner
Lay the liner into the bed. Again, having several people on this part of the project would be advisable. Once you have it lined up you can remove the backing from the fasteners and attach it to the vehicle. Start on the bed itself and work your way gradually around so you don’t lock in fasteners where you can’t get to them for attachment. You will need to unscrew the tie-downs and then reattach them through the liner.

Installing a bedliner is a great way to make your Ford truck look better. Doing it yourself is simple and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

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