VIDEO: Ford Truck Magnaflow Exhaust: How to Install

Installing a Magnaflow Exhaust system on your Ford truck can help boost performance. It will also give you a great sounding vehicle. Check out all the great Magnaflow Exhaust systems at Magnaflow cat-back systems are all-steel, and feature Mandrel-bent pipes and polished stainless steel tips. They sound great, look sharp, and can help make your truck one-of-a-kind. Plus they are relatively easy to install. All you require are the right tools, a little time, and a bit of muscle power. In your search for a great truck exhaust, you can also try other specialty websites, both local and national. Just do a search for “truck exhaust systems.” Check “˜em out ““ there’s surely a Magnaflow system waiting to be installed on your Ford truck, whether you pilot a Ranger, F-150, F-250, or F-350.

Tools and Equipment You Will Require

  • 9/16ths and 5/8-inch deep sockets
  • hand or air ratchet
  • ramp or lift
  • saws-all electric saw (if stock exhaust system is still on truck)
  • four-piece Cat-Back Stainless Steel Magnaflow Exhaust Kit (includes a number of clamps)

Remove Stock Exhaust (go to Install section if exhaust is already removed from truck)

  1. Use electric saw to cut the exhaust pipe off in front of the muffler.
  2. With ratchet and socket, remove any stock clamps that have been used to attach pipes to truck.
  3. Remove middle pipe and muffler. Note: When removing muffler, muffler hanger has a small stock clamp which helps hold muffler/pipe on the hanger. This can prevent the muffler from sliding off easily. Reach up, open and remove this clamp by hand; the muffler and exhaust pipe will slide off.
  4. Remove exhaust pipe.

Install New Magnaflow Exhaust

Four pieces comprise the Magnaflow Exhaust system. 1) A front piece which fits into the stock catalytic converter extension [normally two sizes are provided; choose the piece that fits your truck] 2) muffler 3) tail pipe extension 4) exhaust pipe with tip.

  1. Put correct front pipe into stock catalytic converter extension. Hang on stock hanger.
  2. Place muffler into front pipe. Hand tighten clamp (you will tighten down all clamps later).
  3. Put clamp between tail pipe extension and muffler. Install tail pipe extension over rear axle and onto muffler. Hang on stock hanger and hand tighten clamp. Caution: One or more hangers may not go through stock hangers easily, so you may have to remove the hanger(s) from the truck, place it on a vice, and use some force to push them through. After you have the pipe and hanger put together, install entire assembly onto truck.
  4. Install tail pipe and clamp. Hang from hanger.
  5. Start from the rear and use your ratchet and 9/16ths-inch socket to tighten all clamps. Note: Magnaflow recommends a one-half inch clearance around any part or body panel.

Now you are finished and free to enjoy your better performing, great-sounding Ford truck.

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