VIDEO: Ford Truck Billet Grille: How to Install

Billet grille replacements on Ford trucks are among the most common customizations. The job is a fairly simple one that you should be able to do yourself. That can save you some real money.

Tools Needed

  • Socket Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • Torx T20 Screw Driver
  • Power Drill with 1/8 inch bit


1. Install the Lower Billet Grille
Pop your hood. The lower grille actually attaches to the Ford stock honeycomb grille. Your kit should include a mounting bracket and screws, nuts and any other necessary hardware. The nuts and mounting bracket will fit behind the honeycomb grille, while the new grille itself is positioned on the outside. It can be a little difficult to maneuver your hand inside the grille area to get the screws secured.

2. Remove the Upper Grille From the Hood
While the lower grille was installed over and attached to the existing stock grille, the installation of the upper grille requires removing the stock part. A 10mm socket should fit the bolts (two on each side and six along the top) that hold the existing grille in place. Once all the bolts have been removed and placed aside for safekeeping, you lift up on the existing grille to remove it.

3. Remove Grille from the Mounting
For this job you will need a Torx or equivalent T20 screw driver bit to remove the screws that secure the grille to the bracket. In order to remove the honeycomb grille you will need to bend the black tabs and pull them out of the way to release it. Make sure all the tabs are separated and you can lift the grille itself away from the mounting.

4. Install the New Grille into the Mounting
Line your new grille up with the tabs. Next, there should be bracket assemblies with the new grille. You’ll need to drill holes through the four lower tabs with a 1/8 inch drill bit. Then you can install the brackets and tighten them in place.

5. Replace the Grille Assembly
Once your grille assembly is complete you can put it back onto the hood of your truck. Attach your hood brackets and bolt the assembly back in place.

Installing a new custom Billet Grille is a fairly simple process. With a little work you can give your Ford truck a custom look. The best part is, by doing the work yourself, you can get that look a lot cheaper than having it done.

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