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Ford Raptor Flies High in Mongolia

FTE Jump

Sometimes we take so much pride in how amazing Ford trucks, an American creation, really are that we can forget that many people outside the United States of America enjoy these rigs as well. In fact, Ford is a big company throughout the world.

  Comments | By - July 28, 2015

BUILDUP A 1981 Ford F-100 Project

FTE Build

We may have seen a lot of F-100 builds here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, but this has to be one of the cleanest out there.

  Comments | By - July 28, 2015

TRUCK PULLIN’ Ford Ranger Pulls for 287 Feet!

ranger pulling 1

While I know that there are people who participate in truck pulling competitions with midsized trucks, I really don’t see many of them, so when this video of a Ford Ranger hooked to the big sled came across my desk, I couldn’t pass it up.

  Comments | By - July 27, 2015

Canine Crash Test Proves Cars Are Not Dog’s Best Friend

Dog Crash Test

For a new vehicle to come to market in the United States, it must be crashed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to make sure it’s safe enough for people to ride in.

  Comments | By - July 27, 2015

50 States, Seven Days, One Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition 50 states  (3)

If you wanted to try and set a world record and road trip to all fifty-states in just seven days, what vehicle would you want to use? If you are smart, you’ll use something large, practical, comfortable, well built, and with decent fuel economy. You would use a Ford.

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