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Ford Still Makes Trucks a “Working Man” Can Afford

2017 Ford F-250 XL Super Duty

While truck prices are increasing, you can still get a working truck at working man wages. Ford covers the entire spectrum of pickup trucks.

  Comments | By - May 13, 2016

Inside Ford’s Super Duty Weight Reinvestment with an Insider


Switching to aluminum for the body of the 2017 Ford Super Duty allowed Ford to reinvest that weight savings in higher-strength components.

  Comments | By - May 9, 2016

Virtual Towing: New Super Duty Too Tough for Old Dyno

2017 Super Duty Dyno Towing

The all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, which is expected to debut this fall, has already proven to be too tough for the old dynamometer.

  Comments | By - March 31, 2016

Watch Real Customers go Inside Ford’s Super Duty Manufacturing Plant


We previously reports that in attempts of bonding with their customers, and solidifying the all-important customer loyalty, Ford invited a group of real customers to witness the 2017 Ford Super Duty’s production.

  Comments | By - March 30, 2016

Truckin’ Fast Torture Testing the 2017 Ford Super Duty

2017 super duty testing

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video is a little different than what we usually feature, with this latest edition showing the 2017 Ford Super Duty pickups being torture tested in a variety of different settings.

  Comments | By - March 23, 2016

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