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TAX DAY JUMP Who Needs a Raptor When You Have an Expedition?

FTE Jump

Why bother with buying a Ford Raptor when you can just get an Expedition?

  Comments | By - April 15, 2015

HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Ranger Jumps High and Proud, Gets Some Vertical Air


Jumping a truck seems simple. Throw that baby into gear, hit the gas, and go — right? We don’t recommend thinking of a jump as simply as this, since there can often be other factors involved.

  Comments | By - March 25, 2015

HUMP DAY JUMP F-150 Jumps Big, Hits Branches

FTE Jump

Canadians have all the fun, don’t they? With all of the open world as their playground, there are simply more areas in which to enjoy a 4X4 Ford on off-road terrain.

  Comments | By - March 18, 2015

HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Explorer Leaps High and Deploys Airbags

FTE Jump

Jumping Ford trucks is a fun pastime. Well, it is if you’re not too terribly concerned about your truck, or, maybe more relevant, your life.

  Comments | By - March 11, 2015

HUMP DAY JUMP Crazy Ford Ranger Goes Off-Road, Leaps Big

FTE Jump

The Ford Ranger remains a favorite, despite the rise in popularity of full-size trucks. There is just something inherently appealing about a small, powerful, and 100% Ford rig that draws people in.

  Comments | By - March 4, 2015

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