Tag: Hump Day Jump

Watch a Packed F-250 Diesel Takes Off!


Now, we’ve seen trucks fly plenty of times. Sometimes it’s for the best, and results in a fun and enjoyable time. Other times there are more repairs and whiplash than it’s worth for the driver of the Ford. This video shows a 2001 Ford F-250 Powerstroke flying off a massive ramp and on its way [...] More »

Watch a Ranger Soar at Pismo Beach!


Unfortunately, not every place in the world has a location like Pismo Beach, California where one can bring their truck to reek havoc as freely as they please. This Ford Ranger definitely seems to be enjoying that pleasure! Though this video runs over three minutes long, don’t expect it to be dull. This truck is [...] More »

Hump Day Jump: See a Ford Bronco II Soar


Tuff Trucks competitions are always a load of fun. All the big trucks, powerful engines, and high-flying action add up to a hell of a good time. Despite the commonplace, adrenaline-inducing flights, this Ford Bronco II certainly stole the show. Though it starts out rather slow — mundane even — in the first few seconds, [...] More »

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