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Want! A Ford Econoline Pickup


I saw this 1964 beauty on our sister site F150online.com today and fell in love with it. Staffer Patrick Rall wrote it up with the Econoline Pickup’s history and even posted a 1960′s era commercial with a few more photos of it over there. I found this awesome 1961 Econoline Pickup posted in the forum [...] More »

A Funny Ford (Expletive) Tough Commercial & Outtake


Minnesota forum member SVTDriver97 passed along this hilarious gem for your viewing pleasure that is definitely not safe for work. There’s no nudity or anything too salacious, its just a funny outtake from a 1991 Ford commercial that may or may not make your mom blush. There are two takes of the same commercial selling [...] More »

Watch the “Apollo 13 Ford” Blast Off!


  Truck jumps are truly amazing. Ford truck jumps are much, much better. This video shows a superb, lifted Ford jumping high into the sky during the freestyle segment of the Barnyard Boggers Top Truck Challenge. The driver – Lenny – doesn’t take it easy on his so-called “Apollo 13 Ford,” and the result is [...] More »

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