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Axle Tech: What Axle Splines Do


You hear from your buddies “in the know” that say you need at least a 33 splined axle to drive those 35-inch tall tires or to put big power to the ground. What is he talking about? Wouldn’t more splines mean less metal to hold against that torque the axle sees? We’ll be taking a [...] More »

Watch this Semi Get Airborne!


Most of the time here on Ford-Trucks we bring you videos of some of the most death-defying, perfect, or all-out wrong jumps performed by amateurs and professionals alike. Most of the time these involve stock vehicles or heavily converted competition trucks that were, at one time, stock. However, this video is a bit different than [...] More »

TIRE SMOKIN’ F-350 Makes Diesel Donuts


This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 2008 Ford F-350 with single rear wheels and a twin turbo 6.4L diesel engine doing some incredibly smokey donuts in an intersection before heading down the road with the PowerStroke roaring and the tires screaming. While I would prefer to see a truck with the monster torque of [...] More »

MUDFEST 1968 Ford Mudstang Gets Trucked


That isn’t a typo – this week’s Muddy video features what appears to be the body of a 1968 Ford Mustang mounted on a heavily modified Ford truck chassis. With some obvious suspension modifications and a serious set of mud tires, this jacked up Ford Frankenstein vehicle creates what I like to call a Mudstang. [...] More »

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