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Shelby GT350 R Out Fuel Economies Chevrolet Camaro Z/28


Look, when you’re purchasing a high-performance, track day car like the Ford Shelby GT350 R or even the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, you aren’t looking at fuel economy.

  Comments | By - August 17, 2015

What Do You Look for When Buying a Truck?


As someone who writes a great deal about pickup trucks, I cover the full gambit of new pickup trucks. Here, we emphasize the Ford F-Series pickup truck, for obvious reasons.

  Comments | By - August 17, 2015

The Ford GT Has a Massive Active Rear Wing


For as much press as the new Ford GT has received, it seems that everyone and their mother have missed one of the most important aspects about the new Ford supercar, the rear wing. I know what you must be thinking right now, “what rear wing?”

  Comments | By - August 14, 2015

THROWBACK VIDEO Down Under with the 1985 Ford Falcon Ute


This week’s Throwback video takes us down the Australia, where we check out a commercial for the 1985 Ford Falcon lineup – including a Ute, what we would consider a smaller pickup, like a Ranchero and the Panel Van, which is like a Ranchero with a cap.

  Comments | By - August 13, 2015

BUILDUP A 2002 Ford F-250 Lariat Project

FTE Build

FTE member AndradaFX4 bought his 2002 F-250 Lariat and has decided to make it into exactly what he wants it to be.

  Comments | By - August 13, 2015

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