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Hitched ’16 Ford F-150 vs. ’17 F-150: Video

Ford F-150

Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Ford Trucks Drag Race with Trailers. Drag race video shows two powerful F-150s battling it out to prove which is more powerful.

  Comments | By - December 7, 2016

Muddy Monday: F-150 Falls Apart Mid-Race but Still Finishes


This isn’t the most exciting tough truck race video on the web, but you have to respect the fact that this truck appears to be far from built for this type of competition…

  Comments | By - December 5, 2016

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Loves Ford Trucks


Dwayne treats his F-150 like a member of his own family, having it transported to film sets along with his girlfriend, his daughter, his housekeeper, and his bulldog…

  Comments | By - November 30, 2016

Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Ford F-150 Burns Rubber for Minutes!


With a rubber smoking display that lasts more than three minutes, this Ford F-150 burnout video is well worth a few minutes of your day, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

  Comments | By - November 29, 2016

The Dawn of the ‘4-Door’ Ford Trucks


Considering that the vast majority of new trucks sold, ranging from the small foreign trucks to the full-size Ford F-150s are equipped with 4-doors, it is strange to…

  Comments | By - November 22, 2016

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