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TRUCK YOU! A 1960 F-100 in the Garage!


Walston has been a member of FTE since 2004 and is the proud owner of “The 60.” The 60 is the name he gave to the 1960 Ford F-100 that happily occupies his garage. The rig looks amazing on the outside, but it arguably looks even better under the hood. Walston and his son did a frame off rebuild of the classic Ford, and it doesn’t appear they could have done any better.

TRUCK YOU! Two Classic F-100s, a F-150 FX4 & More


For today’s feature of TRUCK YOU we are entering a somewhat colder atmosphere. One with a certain crisp to the air throughout the year and trees that stretch through large stretches of the land. We’re entering a place where are the locals say “eh” and are always polite. That’s right — today we’re entering Canada! [...] More »

THIS OLD AD Free Wheeling Fords of 1978


Check out these “Free Wheeling” factory-customized Ford trucks and vans from the late 1970s. It’s hard to imagine what types of graphics Ford would come up with today if they offered a new line of customized trucks. The “Free Wheeling” Styleside pickup above has rainbow stripes, blacked out bumper and grille, aluminum wheels and Goodyear [...] More »

THIS OLD AD A New Ford Super Beast From Brazil


According to my source, this Brazilian Ford F-100 is from a 1980s sales brochure. These particular fifth generation F-100s where assembled in São Paulo, Brazil from 1971 up until 1992. It sure seems like Brazil is the place to go to if you need to hunt for some old Ford body parts. But don’t go looking for engine [...] More »

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