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TRUCK YOU! A 1960 F-100 in the Garage!


Walston has been a member of FTE since 2004 and is the proud owner of “The 60.” The 60 is the name he gave to the 1960 Ford F-100 that happily occupies his garage. The rig looks amazing on the outside, but it arguably looks even better under the hood. Walston and his son did a frame off rebuild of the classic Ford, and it doesn’t appear they could have done any better.

TRUCK YOU! Two Classic F-100s, a F-150 FX4 & More


For today’s feature of TRUCK YOU we are entering a somewhat colder atmosphere. One with a certain crisp to the air throughout the year and trees that stretch through large stretches of the land. We’re entering a place where are the locals say “eh” and are always polite. That’s right — today we’re entering Canada! […] More »

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