How to Wire a Direct Start CS423 Remote Starter

By: Matt Heald

Please read through this whole tutorial first. I am not responsible for anything that you do or that happens to your vehicle as a result of installing or trying to install this. I am not totally for sure that the wires and the stuff I used are the most correct, but they worked for me. Always remember to disconnect the battery before any wiring. Before testing anything make sure you remove the jumper on the circuit board of the remote starter, so that it is in manual transmission mode, have all wiring harnesses hooked up, antenna hooked up, and battery connected. When I first installed this I used these fancy little connectors, so that if I messed up on the wiring, I didn’t have the whole wire cut in half. I also used the whole length of the remote starter wires until i was sure everything was working properly. Once I had I everything working how I wanted it I cut the wires to length, did some wire management, and put some permanent connectors on.

1. Getting started

Purchase a Direct Start CS423 from Get wire connectors, i.e. wire-nuts, extra wire, and wire cutter/crimper/stripper. Next, and most important, get a 12 pack of your favorite beverage, i.e. BEER! First sit around and drink a couple beers and stare at the truck to help get you motivated. Next disconnect the battery and continue to step 2.

2. Remove panels. 

To remove the dash trim panel, (panel just under the instrument cluster) carefully pry it off

To remove the knee bolster, detach the fuse panel cover, remove the parking brake and hood release levers, remove the remaining screws securing the panel, then carefully pry it off.

To remove the door panels you pry off the side mirror trim cover and the door pillar trim panel. If you have a manual door then remove the cover on the window crank and then unscrew the screw. If you have an automatic door, just pry off the switch plate and unhook the wiring harnesses. To remove the handle, remove the little cover under the handle, unscrew the bolt and the handle just slides out. Now there are two little black clips at the top of the door panel. To release the clips use a pin and put the center of the clips in, then the panel should be free from the door, so all you have to do is lift up and out on the panel to remove it.

** Installation is same as removal **

2.Wire the ignition.

All of the wires that we are looking for in this section are located under the steering column, and are connected to a white box (Ignition switch). Also all of the wires that we are going to be using from the remote starter are part of the 4 pin connector. To wire up the accessory you connect the green wire from the remote starter to the gray/ yellow wire from the box. Next connect the red power wires from the starter to the yellow wires on the ignition box. And finally connect the blue run or ignition wire from the starter to the dark blue/ green wire from the white ignition box.

3. Wire parking lights.

To access the wires to the lights, you need to remove the light switch panel. To do this you turn the headlight to the on position, pry off the headlight knob, turn the knob 180 degrees to that the back of the knob is pointing to the headlight picture and then put the knob on the switch. Once the knob is on the switch backwards, turn the switch off (counterclockwise), then push in on the knob and turn the switch back on (clockwise) and this will release the locking mechanism and just pull out for removal.

**Installation is same as removal**

Now to wire the parking light hook the white wire from the remote starter to the brown wire from the headlight switch.

4. Wire parking brake.

The actual switch for the parking brake is hard to find. I was just barely able to see it, but anyways it has two wires going to it, a green one, and a green/ black one. You need to connect the white/ violet wire from the remote starter to the green/ black wire from the parking brake.

5. Wire brake.

The brake switch is kind of like the parking brake; it has two wires running to it, green and green/ black. The brake switch is very easy to get to though. If you look at the brake pedal and follow it up you will see the switch. Connect the green wire from the starter to the green wire to the brake.

6. Clutch bypass.

The clutch switch is also pretty easy to find. It is located right above the brake against the firewall. You can pull the switch out and turn it upside-down to take off the clip if you wish. To bypass the clutch switch take the big yellow wire from the remote starter and wire it to the blue/ orange wire on the clutch switch.

7. Wire tach.

To wire the tach you will need to run some extra wire. The tach wire is located to in the PCM wiring harness located on the firewall over by the battery. It is easiest to remove the battery and battery box to access the wiring harness. Connect the black/white wire from the remote starter to the white/pink wire on the wiring harness. When I first installed the starter I was having some trouble with it. The guy from 12voltshop said that it wasn’t detecting my tach, so I needed to connect one of my injector wires to it. I really don’t think that was my problem, so I unless you are having troubles with the starter not detecting the engine running, I wouldn’t connect an injector wire.

8. Install hood pin.

For my hood pin, I drilled a hole next to the hood lock and installed the pin. To wire it you need to simply connect the violet wire to the pin.

9. Wire doors.

To wire the doors you need to connect the same violet wire you used for the hood pin and connect it to the black wire on the door. The door wires are the two wire that are taped up and run from the door lock to inside the cab. You need to do this to every door in the truck.

10. Power locks

*If you do not have power locks, right now would be a good time to get some. Go to your local junkyard and get the motors out of a truck and also get the wires that come out of the motor. To wire the motors connect the white/blue wire from the starter to the solid red wire from the actuator, and connect the yellow wire from the starter to the red/black wire from the actuator. *Test the lock to make sure that they lock when you press the lock button and unlock when you press the unlock button. If it locks when you press the unlock button, then switch the wires.

11. Program remote.

To program the remote open the hood, turn the key on and off 8 times ending in the off position. ex. on-off=1, on-off=2, and so on. When turning the key on do not turn it to where the engine comes on, just turn it to the run position. Once that you have done this the parking lights will come on, then you press the "lock" button to program the remote. The lights will then flash. from there you can exit by turning the key on or go to the function programming, which I will not be explaining in this tutorial.

12. Program Tach.

To program the tach, open the hood and manually start the vehicle and let it warm up. Once the vehicle is warm or has reached normal idle speed press and hold the brake pedal. **Do not let off of the brake until programming is completer or unless you want to exit the program. Next, you press and hold the start button until the lights come on and then go off. Wait a couple seconds, and the come back on indicating that it has detected the tach. Turn the key off (brake still pressed) the lights will flash 2 times fast, then 2 times slow. After that, programming is complete and you can release the brake.

13. TEST FIRE!!!

Once the tach is successfully complete you are ready to test ‘er out! Make sure the hood and all doors are shut. Manually turn the vehicle on and let it reach normal idle speed. Put the vehicle in neutral and set the parking brake. Make sure the parking brake light comes on. Then press the start button for 2 seconds. The lights will flash once, then you will hear a clicking sound from the control box, then the lights will come on and stay on. When the lights stay on you can turn the key off. (Vehicle should stay running) Exit the vehicle and press the start button for about 2 seconds, or until the engine shuts off. The lights will flash two times slowly to confirm that it is in "Ready Mode", a few seconds later the lights will flash again when the doors lock. Once all of this is complete you can start the vehicle by pressing the start button for 2 seconds. The parking lights will come on, and the engine will start. The engine will remain running for approx. 15 min. unless you program it different. Once the engine is started you can enter the vehicle. Once you have entered the vehicle turn the key to the on or run position and press the brake. *When you press the brake it stops the remote starter, so make sure the key is in the on position first. There you have it! From there you can put everything back together do some wire management, then you are ready to go.

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