How To Wax your Ford Truck

Your Ford truck apppears to have lost its sheen and you need to know how to bring it back. Though you may think it would be a long, complicated process, it is really easy and anyone can do it. Laid out below is the process of applying wax to your Ford truck, broken down into four basic steps. Also listed are the tools and materials  you will need for this process.
Tools and Materials
  • Car wash kit-High quality cleaner, mitt, bucket and chamois for drying.
  • Microfiber or cheesecloth towels
  • Wax product-Meguiar’s and Turtle Wax are highly recommended.
Step 1: Preparing Your Vehicle
First you need to make sure the truck is completely clean and dry. The best place to wax your Ford is going to be in a garage, and if you don’t have one then keep in the shade. You shouldn’t wash or wax your vehicle if it’s less than 65 degrees or more than 90 degrees outside.

Step 2: Apply the Wax

Work in small areas, approximately two foot by two foot sections, except on the hood, which can be broken down into two sections. Use light (no more than five pounds)pressure and circular motions. You can go ahead and apply the coat of wax to the whole vehicle before removing the wax and buffing it to a shine.
Step 3: Remove the Wax
Once the wax has dried to a dull, hazy finish, it’s ready to be removed. Using the same light pressure and circular motions, wipe the wax off. When the towel begins to drag, use a clean side or a clean towel. The drag on the towel is the wax filling the fibers. If too much is allowed to gather on your cloth, you could actually damage the finish on your Ford truck.
Step 4: Buff to a High Shine
Now that all of the dry wax has been removed from the finish of your Ford truck, it’s time to buff the new coat of wax to a high shine. You’ll need to use a fresh microfiber or cheesecloth, also known as terry cloth, towel for this part of the process. Use light pressure, around three pounds for this and the same circular motions as for applying and removing the coat of wax. You can go over the vehicle more than once in this process, but you shouldn’t buff it more than twice. If, after buffing the truck out completely, you still aren’t seeing the kind of sheen or luster you’re used to or looking for, you can use a "wet look" polish, such as that from Meguiar’s. This product will make your Ford truck look like it’s still wet when properly applied. This application process is pretty much identical to the waxing and buffing process.
Once all of this is done you will have a shiny, newly waxed Ford car that is ready to drive around. A properly applied coat of wax will give your Ford truck’s paint the protection from the elements it needs to keep it shiny and beautiful for years to come.

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