How to Replace Ford Super Duty Headlights

Whether you’re looking to install new headlights in your Ford Super Duty truck, or if you’re just interested in replacing burnt out parts with new accessories, the process of installation is relatively simple and can be done at home in just a short period of time. Use the following guide to help you with each step of the process of replacing the headlights in your Ford super duty cab.

Step 1 — Gather the Necessary Materials

The process of replacing the headlights in yoru Ford is very easy and requires only one primary tool; a set of Phillips head screwdrivers. You’ll also need to buy replacement headlight bulbs. It’s a good idea to change out both of the headlights in your vehicle at once, particularly if they were installed at the same time. Ask a professional or a car service company representative for advice on which headlight bulbs to purchase.

Step 2 — Remove the Plastic Covering

The first step is to remove the plastic covering that protects the bulbs themselves. This covering is screwed onto the grille of your car. Gently unscrew the screws and keep them in a protected place for your use later on. Pull the plastic covering offf and set it aside.

Step 3 — Remove the Existing Bulb

Take care that the car is turned off before beginning. Gently unscrew the lightbulb that is set in the headlight currently. You’ll have to unscrew a few additional retaining screws in order to have full access to the bulb. Pull the bulb out until the wires connecting the base to the grille become taut. Next, gently remove the wires from the base of the bulb so that you can remove it completely.

Step 4 — Attach the New Bulb

Place the new bulb into the headlight cavity and attach the wires to the base. Make sure to match up the colors of the wires with the headlight base so that the connection is set properly. Screw the headlight back into the socket and reattach the retaining screws. Finally, set the headlight cover back over the bulb itself and reattach the exterior screws, making sure that the cover is tight.

If you have any questions about the process of replacing the headlights on your Ford pickup truck, check in with a mechanic for additional information. Most headlights will need to be replaced every few years.

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