How to Replace a Ford Super Duty Battery

Any Ford truck requires replacement parts and accessories from time to time, and a battery is no exception to this rule. Replacing your Ford Super Duty battery is a minimally intensive process that can be done easily with a few simple tools at home. Read the following step by step guide for some advice on how to best change the battery on your Ford vehicle.

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials

You’ll need the following materials and tools in order to properly replace the battery in your Ford truck:

  • Replacement battery that’s appropriate for a Ford Super Duty
  • Screwdrivers
  • Battery pliers
  • Wire brush
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Anti-corrosion and cleaning solutions

Step 2 — Disconnect the Existing Battery

First, turn the truck off and allow the engine time to cool down. Open the hood and detach the negative battery wire (colored black) from the battery itself using a set of battery pliers. Twist the cable that attaches the wire to the battery and pull it upward to remove it from the battery itself. Repeat this same process with the positive end of the battery wire (colored red).

Step 3 — Remove the Battery Clamp and Battery

Use the socket and ratchet set to remove the clamp that holds the battery itself in place. You’re then free to lift the battery up and out of the vehicle. Be careful as you do this, as the battery may be quite heavy. Do not scratch the remaining parts of the car with the battery body.

Step 4 — Clean the Battery Tray and Wires

Use the cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean the battery tray and the surrounding cavity in which the battery lies. Use a wire brush to clean off the connection points on the wires that attached to the battery. This helps to protect the new battery from damage.

Step 5 — Attach the New Battery

Lower the new battery into the tray and secure it in place with the clamp. Attach the positive and then the negative battery wires and cables, and make sure that the connections are as tight as possible. If there is any looseness in the connection, you may run into problems as you try to start your vehicle.

New Ford batteries are available at car body shops and other service stores of that type. Ask a mechanic for additional assistance or advice with this procedure.

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