How To Polish your Ford Truck’s Rims

Ford truck rims can often be cumbersome
to take care of. Truck rims can get dirty very quickly, and it’s
essential to clean them on a weekly basis to prevent dirt from drying
out on them. Dried dirt is difficult to remove and also looks very
shoddy. The rims should also be polished frequently to maintain their
shine. Ford truck rims are available in 2 types namely, aluminum and
alloy. It’s important to use the correct equipment that’s suited to the
rims of your truck as incorrect equipment can lead to scarred rims. It’s
best to buy polishers and cleaning equipment as recommended by the

Things Required to Polish Ford Truck Rims:

  • Rubber cleaning gloves
  • The appropriate cleaning and polishing solutions
  • A garden hose
  • Some paper towels
  • Several soft cloths and a sponge
  • Microfiber towel
  • A brush to get the polish into the grooves on the wheels and rims
  • An Electric drill and polishing attachment or a soft cloth

How To Polish Rims:

Step 1

Since the chemicals in the polish can irritate your skin, you should
wear good quality rubber gloves before starting the cleaning and
polishing process.

Step 2

If you wash the rims with soap and water and use a high pressure
water hose, you will be able to get rid of tough dirt. It’s useful to
rinse from the top of the rim and work your way down to the bottom so
that the dirt collects at the bottom.

Step 3

Once the rims are washed, make sure to dry them with soft paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

Step 4

After the rims are completely dry, you can start working on the
polishing. Using the wrong kind of polish for your rims or a low quality
polish can strip the polish right off the rims. Hence, it’s essential
to use one that’s suited to the type of rims present on your vehicle.
Eagle One is a popular polish brand for aluminum rims and Autosol for
alloy rims.

Step 5

Use your finger to spread the polish around the rims, and a brush to
penetrate the grooves and hard to reach places. If you’re polishing by
hand use a soft cloth in a circular motion to apply the polish evenly.
You can also use a polishing attachment attached to an electric drill.
Either way, use moderate pressure and apply evenly.

Step 6

Leave the polish on for 15 minutes, and then wipe away the polish
using an unused soft cloth. Make sure to remove all traces of the
polish. Your rims should sparkle like new at the end of this process.


Never polish in direct sunlight as the polish can chemically embed
itself in the rim. Make sure you wipe off any excess polish that’s
present as left over polish can go black and make your rims look dirty.

Make sure you use the right method and the right polish to maximize the shine on your Ford truck’s rims. Using the
wrong kind or a cheap brand will only give you disappointing results.

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