How To Polish your Ford Truck’s Exhaust

It’s important to polish your Ford truck exhaust along
with all the other chrome and stainless steel parts of your truck at
regular intervals in order to keep your truck looking good and increase
its value. Keeping your truck in good shape is especially important when
you are about to sell the vehicle. It’s necessary to refer to the car
owner’s manual and identify whether your truck has a stainless steel
exhaust, a ceramic exhaust or a chrome exhaust as this will determine
the equipment you will have to use to clean and polish it. Since rubber
particles from the tires stick to the hot exhaust, you will have to
clean the exhaust periodically to give it a clean appearance. It’s
relatively easy to keep your truck’s exhaust shiny and it requires only a
few common household items and a little time to do so.

Things Required to Polish Your Ford Truck’s Exhaust:

  • A sponge
  • Gloves
  • A soft cloth
  • Soap
  • Polishing compound-the type of polishing compound you need is
    dependent on the type of exhaust your truck has. It is important to
    refer to the manual to determine the type of exhaust in your car and buy
    a reputed brand of polish as cheap polish can further damage the
  • Towel
  • Vinegar-it not only helps in getting rid of rust but also gets rid
    of the rubber from the tires that sticks to the hot exhaust and cakes
  • A soft, small brush


Step 1

The most important thing to do before cleaning and polishing your
exhaust is to ensure that your car and the exhaust are cool. It’s best
to start cleaning the exhaust early in the morning, before the truck has
been used. You should clean and polish the exhaust in your garage or in
a shaded area. If the exhaust is hot, you might burn yourself while
cleaning it.

Step 2

Wear protective gloves before you start cleaning and polishing your car’s exhaust.

Step 3

Try to get the dirt off the exhaust using rags and water.

Step 4

Dissolve a spoonful of dishwashing liquid in warm water and wash the
exteriors of the muffler with the solution. The dishwashing liquid
removes the dirt from the exhaust. Vinegar can be used instead of
dishwashing liquid. Take care to not allow the soap to get inside the
muffler as it can corrode the muffler.

Step 5

Dry with a soft cloth. Use small strokes and cover the whole exhaust till it’s dry.

Step 6

Once the exhaust is dry, you can start polishing it to make it shine
once more. For stainless steel exhaust, good polishing compounds are
System Stainless Steel Cleaner, Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Cleaning
Polish or Stanley Geli-Clean. For chrome exhausts, Chrome polish is the
best. Aluminum Polish is effective on aluminum exhausts whereas
California Customs Purple Metal Polish gives good results on ceramic
coated exhausts.

Step 7

Pour a small amount of polish on the sponge and rub it into the metal till it shines.

Step 8

Use the brush to cover the inside of the exhaust and ensure that all
parts of the exhaust are covered. The polish protects the exhaust from
getting dirty besides keeping it looking like new.

Step 9

Although most polishing compounds don’t need to be washed out, you
should read the instructions on the compound you are using to confirm
the same.

Step 10

Let the polish dry for an hour or so before using your car.

Since exhaust from your car exits from the muffler and is dark, it
can make your car’s muffler look dirty. This can prevent your car from
looking good. You should therefore clean the exteriors of the muffler at
regular intervals to keep your car in pristine condition.

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