How to install interval wipers on a 73-79 Ford pickup

By Thomas Hogan

Interval wipers are an option that was available from the factory on
the pickup line that started in 1973. This article will focus on how to
retrofit a factory interval wiper system onto one of these trucks. The
advantage to interval wipers is increased safety if you experience fog
or mist in your area. You can set the wipers up to wipe intermittently
without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. The part required
can be had at a salvage yard or are still available new. When I priced
it at the local parts house they wanted $50 US.

The advantage to using the factory setup is ease of installation and
sanitary appearance. It really is not readily visible that you have added
an interval wiper system. The only thing required to install the system
on your truck is the interval wiper switch and the integrated control box.
It is the electronic box that controls the delay interval. The switch in
wired to the box and the harness transfers from the old switch to the new


1. Begin by removing the knobs from the headlight and windshield wiper
switches and the radio. 2. Remove the bezel from around the radio. 3. Remove
the 6 screws from the bezel around the instrument cluster and remove the
bezel. To remove the bezel it may be necessary to remove the air conditioner
duct and the lamp that illuminates the headlight and windshield wiper switches.
4. Remove the nut that holds the windshield wiper switch in the dash. 5.
Remove the old switch and disconnect the two electrical connections. 6.
Plug the two electrical connections into the plug on the delay controller

Wiper 2

7. Install the box and mount it to the inside bottom of the dash.

Wiper 3

8. Install the switch in the dash and reinstall the nut to secure it.
9. Install the ground wire to the screw that holds the other ground wires
behind the instrument cluster. 10. Check the operation of the interval
wiper system. Turning the switch to the right should access the low and
high speed functions. Center is off. Turning the switch to the left accesses
the delay function. 11. Reinstall the bezels for the instrument cluster
and the radio. 12. Reinstall the control knobs for all switches.

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