How to Install a Ford Super Duty Tailgate

One of the most distinctive accessories of any Ford truck is the tailgate. Out of all of the parts of the truck that require maintenance, this is typically one of the most durable. It’s also one of the most unique, and Ford’s tailgates are built solidly and come with a guarantee of their quality in the form of a warranty. Still, some Ford owners are interested in increasing the strength and the size of the tailgate on their vehicle. For this, you’ll need to install a Super Duty tailgate. Read on for step by step instructions on how to do this.

Step 1 — Remove the Factory Installed Tailgate

Begin by opening the existing tailgate on the Ford pickup. Hold it so that it slops outward at a 45 degree angle, approximately. Release the attaching hinge at the left side of the tailgate, then the one at the right side. This will allow the existing tailgate to open all the way downward. Lower the tailgate and examine the hinges at the base. There should be two connecting pieces that are easily removed. Take these out and then gently lift the tailgate upward and out, while it’s still in this horizontal position. The tailgate should come off of the truck.

Step 2 — Clean and Prep the Hinges

Use this opportunity to clean and prepare the hinges on the tailgate base. Clean them off thoroughly with a rag, then apply grease to them. Take note of any other damages or signs of wear and tear, and repair if necessary.

Step 3 — Install the New Tailgate

Attach the new tailgate to the base hinges in the same manner. You may require a sawhorse to hold the tailgate up or a pair of friends to keep it steady while you hook the edge of the tailgate into the hinges. Lift the new tailgate up to 45 degrees and attach the clips that hold it in place there. Finally, gently lift the tailgate up to a locked position, taking care to ensure that it fits properly before you slam it into place.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to install a new super duty tailgate on your Ford pickup, speak with a professional or a mechanic for more information. This installation process should take no more than 30 minutes.

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