How To Change your Ford Truck’s Air Filter

A Ford truck air filter is important as a clean air filter allows air to flow freely to the engine and thereby increases the life of the engine and fuel efficiency. The function of an air filter is to screen dirt particles from the fuel before the fuel enters the fuel injector. As and when these particles accumulate, the filter gets clogged. This hinders the flow of air to the engine and adversely affects its performance. The air filter of a Ford truck should be changed every 10,000 miles unless the truck is driven under extreme conditions in which case the replacement should be sooner.

How to Change the Air Filter of Your Ford Truck:

Step 1

Before you start to change the air filter of your truck, keep a new air filter, a socket wrench, a jack, a basin and a screw driver at hand.

Step 2

Ensure that you check your truck owner’s manual and buy an air filter that’s suitable for your truck.

Step 3

Park the truck on a flat surface and use a jack to raise the driver’s side of the truck.

Step 4

Remove the fuel pressure by first removing the gas cap on the gas tank and then removing the fuse to the fuel pump. The fuel pump is generally located under the hood on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Once there is no fuel pressure, you can replace the gas cap.

Step 5

Lift the hood of your truck and identify the air-filter housing unit on the driver’s side of the car. Try to find the location of the fuel filter. It’s located near the fuel tank that’s mounted on the frame rail under the driver’s seat. It’s connected to the fuel tank by a fuel pipe and can be easily identified as a silver, cylindrical container.

Step 6

Place a basin under the fuel filter so that any fuel that leaks accumulates in the basin and doesn’t go waste.

Step 7

Remove the lid of the air-filter housing unit with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 8

Disconnect the old filter by unbolting the clamp that holds in place, with the use of a socket wrench.

Step 9

Remove the old filter and also clean the air filter unit with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Step 10

Place the new filter inside the unit and clamp it in place and connect the fuel line to the filter. You should hear a click when the fuel line connects with the filter.

Step 11

Replace the lid of the unit and lower the truck to ground level.

Step 12

Then close the hood of the truck and start the truck.

Step 13

Check to see if there is any leakage while the engine is running.

Step 14

Once you are sure that the air filter is in place and there is no leakage, you may turn off the engine.

Replacing the air filter of a Ford truck is a fairly simple and easy task that can be completed in half an hour. It needs the minimum amount of equipment and expertise. It’s important to carry out routine preventive maintenance tasks after you’ve driven the car around for a while as this prevents it from undergoing severe wear and tear. If you can’t remember all the preventive maintenance jobs you need to carry out consider using a notebook to write down reminders. You could also buy a vehicle maintenance software to get automated service reminders.

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