How To Change the Oil for your Ford Heavy Duty

A Ford Heavy Duty pickup truck is one
of the most common vehicles that this manufacturer makes and sells. It
is popular amongst many different types of people and for a number of
different reasons. The Ford heavy Duty is capable of excellent power and
is useful when you’d like to haul different things or complete other
tasks as well. In order to keep the vehicle working properly, however,
you’ll need to change the oil regularly. It’s a good idea to change the
oil in your Heavy Duty every 3000 miles or so. Changing your own oil is
cheaper and faster than taking your vehicle in to a service station, and
you’ll also be assured that the quality of the work is very high.

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials

Before you begin, you’ll need the following materials in order to change the oil for your Ford Heavy Duty:

  • New oil filter
  • New oil packages (several quarts)
  • Jack stand set
  • Wrench set
  • Newspapers, paper towels and a funnel
  • Oil drainage pan

Step 2 — Prepare the Area

Begin by getting your truck prepared for the oil change. Move the
front end of the vehicle up onto the jack stands so that you’ll be
better able to deal with the underside of the car as you work. Open up
the hood and prop it up. Be sure that the vehicle engine has been off
for several hours before you attempt to start working, as otherwise the
oil is likely to be very hot. Finally, set out a layer of newspaper
sheets below the front end of the truck to catch any oil that may spill
as you’re working.

Step 3 — Drain the Old Oil

Next, place the drainage pan beneath the oil container in the truck.
Locate the oil drain plug and unscrew it by hand. As soon as the plug
comes loose, the oil will begin to drip out of it; allow all of the oil
to drip out for several minutes and wait until it is completely clear
before you clean up the drain plug and the base of the container with
paper towels.

Step 4 — Check and Change the Filter, If Necessary

Unscrew the oil filter from the container with the wrench set. Allow
it to drain in the drainage pan and then check on its condition. You
should look for signs of wear and tear or corrosion damage on the
surface of the filter. If you notice any, it’s a good idea to throw it
out in a proper way and to replace the filter. otherwise, you can
reattach it. You can also check the gasket system at this time as well.
Both of these items will not need to be replaced as often as the oil in
your Heavy Duty, so it’s important to check on them.

Step 5 — Fill with New Oil

Close up the drain plug and insert the base of the funnel into the
top of the oil container. Carefully pour in as many quarts of new oil as
the owner’s manual suggests for your method of driving. You will need
to allow the oil to drain completely for several minutes. Close up the
container, remove the funnel, close the hood and lower the truck off of
the jack stands.

Before you can operate your vehicle, you’ll need to double check on
the oil levels. Use a dipstick to measure the level and be sure to
correct for any adjustments by adding or draining small amounts of oil
as necessary.

All of the different materials and tools that you’ll need to complete
this at home project are available for a small amount of money at your
local hardware store or a car repair shop and service center. If you
have any other questions about how to change the oil in your Ford Heavy
Duty, consult with a local mechanic or service person for more

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