How To Change the Oil for your Ford F-350

Changing the oil on your Ford F-350 is a straightforward process that should take you no more than an hour or so. It requires some very basic tools and equipment, and is much cheaper and faster than taking the vehicle in to a service shop for the same procedure. Additionally, you’ll know that the quality of your work is high, in comparison with the unknown work level of a mechanic or another oil changer. It’s a good idea to change the oil on your Ford F-350 every 3000 miles or so. This helps to lubricate the engine and to protect it from overheating and melting, causing irreversible damage to the vehicle.

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials

You’ll need the following items and materials in order to properly change the oil on your Ford F-350:

  • Several quarts of new oil
  • New oil filter
  • New gasket system (optional)
  • Oil collection pan or basin
  • Jack stand set
  • Funnel, paper towels and newspapers

Step 2 — Prep the Truck

Begin by mounting the truck itself up onto the jack stand so that the front end is elevated off the ground enought that you’ll be able to work underneath it. Wait until the vehicle has been turned off for several hours before you do this, as the oil can still be hot for quite a while after the engine shuts off. Open up the hood and keep it propped open while you work. Lay down a set of newspaper sheets underneath the front end of the truck so that you’ll be able to catch all of the oil that might spill as you work.

Step 3 — Drain the Old Oil

Place your oil collection basin or pan underneath the oil container in the truck. Locate the oil drain plug and unscrew it by hand. As soon as you do, the old oil will begin to drain out of the container and into the pan. Be sure that you allow several minutes for all of the oil to drain fully before you continue with your procedure. Once the oil has completely drained from the container, wipe it all down with a few paper towels and clean out the drain plug.

Step 4 — Replace the Filter, if Necessary

Use a wrench to unscrew the oil filter or unscrew it by hand. Allow it to drain in the collection basin and then examine it for signs of damage. If the filter is corroded at all, or if there’s debris that has collected on it, you may want to replace it. Your oil filter doesn’t have to be changed each time you change out the oil, however, so you’ll need to decide. You can also change the other gasket systems at this point in time, if you wish.

Step 5 — Replace the Oil

Screw the drain plug back into place and attach a funnel to the top of the oil container. Fill the oil container with as much oil as is suggested by the oil manufacturer and then close the container up. You can then shut the hood of the vehicle and remove it from the jack stands as well.

Before you begin to turn on your Ford F-350 once again, however, it’s crucial that you determine that the level of oil is correct for your vehicle. You can do this by checking on the oil with a dipstick. Simply place the dipstick in the oil basin and measure the reading. If you need to add more oil, do so before you start the engine. Otherwise, drain a bit of the excess oil if that’s the problem.

All of the different items that you’ll need for this project are inexpensive and available at a hardware store or a car repair and body shop. Ask a mechanic in your area for additional advice.

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