How To Change the Oil for your Ford F-150

Changing the oil on your Ford F-150 is a relatively straightforward process. This should take you about one hour to do. It’s necessary to change the oil in your Ford truck every 3000 driven miles or so in order to keep the engine properly lubricated. Failing to change the oil can cause serious and irreparable harm to your engine, so it’s crucial that you keep in mind how long it’s been since your last oil change. It’s also advisable that you change the oil at home, because this is cheaper and faster than taking your truck into a service station to have it done that way, and you’ll also be sure that the quality of the worksmanship is high.

Step 1 — Gather the Necessary Materials

You’ll need the following tools and materials in order to accurately change the oil in your Ford F-150:

  • New oil packages (several quarts)
  • New oil filter
  • Oil collection pan
  • New gasket system (optional)
  • Jack stand set
  • Paper towels, newspapers, and a funnel
  • Wrench set

Step 2 — Drain the Old Oil

Begin by mounting the truck up onto the jack stands so that you’ll have better access to the underside of the front portion of the vehicle. You can then lay out a set of newspapers underneath the front area of the truck so that you won’t spill any oil on the ground as you work. Next, open up the hood and keep it propped open. You’ll want to be sure that the engine has been off for several hours before you begin to work, as the engine components and the oil can be very hot otherwise.

Place the drain pan underneath the oil container in the truck and unscrew the oil drain plug by hand. As soon as the plug comes loose, oil will start to drain out of it and into the pan. Wait for several minutes until all of the oil has been cleaned out of the container, then wipe it down with paper towels before you continue.

Step 3 — Check and Replace the Oil Filter and Gasket

Use your wrench set to unscrew the oil filter from the area next to the oil plug. This can then be placed into the pan to drain out the excess oil. Examine the drained filter for signs of corrosion damage or other wear and tear. If there is any of this damage, you’ll want to change out the oil filter and place a new one in the oil container of the truck. You can also check and replace the gasket system at this time, if you’d like. Both of these two components will likely not need to be changed as frequently as the oil in your truck, so you may not need to change them every single time you go to replace the oil.

Step 4 — Replace the Oil

Close up the drain plug securely and insert the base of your funnel into the top of the oil container. Pour fresh oil carefully into the container until you have the proper amount as suggested for your truck. Next, close up the container securely and shut the hood, then lower the vehicle off of the jack stand set.

Before you turn your truck on, however, it’s important that you take the time to check on the levels of the oil that you’ve just put in. Use a dipstick to examine the levels and determine if there’s too little (in which case you’ll need to add some more oil) or too much (you’ll need to drain a bit of it off). When the level is just right, feel free to start the car up again.

Ask a trusted local mechanic for any additional advice or assistance you need with the process of replacing the oil in your Ford F-150.

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