How to Buy a Used Ford Diesel Truck

If you’re in the market for a used Ford diesel truck, you need to consider a number of factors before laying the cash on the table or signing on the contract line. When you take the time to look into each of these areas you can be sure to get a vehicle you can rely on.

Step 1: Vehicle History

The importance of vehicle history is essential to its functionality, insurance rates and life. If you’re working with a dealership, ask for the CarFax, or another report on vehicle history. If you’re purchasing privately, ask the seller for vehicle history information. If they are unable to provide the information, consider how much you want the vehicle and possibly purchase a vehicle history report using the vehicle’s VIN number.

Step 2: Maintenance Records

To truly know what condition the used Ford diesel truck is in, you need to view the maintenance records from the current owner. They should have a record of all repairs made, and when they occurred. They should also have a record of simple maintenance items like winterization, oil changes, brake pad replacements, tire rotations, and anything else the truck needed to stay in driving shape.

Step 3: Shake Down

Always take the time to test drive the vehicle and give it a good shake down. Check the following things to aid in making a decision about the purchase of the truck:

    -Leaks (oil, coolant, exhaust, HVAC system, etc.)
    -Pull glow plugs and check for damage
    -Pull battery connectors and check for damage
    -Pull plugs and wires to check for damage
    -Color of all fluids (oil, coolant, differential fluid)
    -Pull rear brake drum and check for damage
    -Pull injectors and check for damage
    -Check for easy turning of hubs

When it comes to ensuring you don’t make a bad investment in a used Ford diesel truck, take the extra measures before you purchase.

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