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Dinosaur Footprints: 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Special BFGoodrich Tires

White_Raptor_057 - Copy

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor will be a new breed of the beast. Fresh looks, less weight, more power – and even special tires.

  Comments | By - June 2, 2016

ROUSH & Mickey Thompson’s New Ford F-150


Legendary tire and wheel manufacturer Mickey Thompson has partnered up with badass Ford tuner, ROUSH, to create a one of a kind Ford F-150 pickup truck.

  Comments | By - May 24, 2016

Will Ford’s New Carbon Fiber Wheels Fit the Raptor?


Whether it’s heavy duty trucks or high-performance supercars, weight and strength are at the very top of the list when it comes to material characteristics. Ford’s new carbon fiber wheels represent exactly that.

  Comments | By - May 17, 2016

Yeehaw! Texas Ford Monster Truck to the Rescue!


Everything is bigger in Texas they say, and this insanely tall Ford “monster truck” seems to prove the old adage correct. Though this time, such brute vehicle was put to good use!

  Comments | By - April 20, 2016

The Cars Marvel and DC Superheroes Would Drive in the Real(-ish) World

Mustang-GT-350R-copy - Copy

Talk about an epic mash-up. carwow has made the worlds of cars and comics collide by imagining what certain Marvel and DC superheroes would drive in (somewhat) real life.

  Comments | By - March 30, 2016

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