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Gettin’ Tired


The time will come when you’ll need to upgrade your tires. It will either be when your stock tires are finally worn out, when the trails you access become too much for your tires to grip on, or when your weather conditions warrant it. Picking the right tire will not only help give your Ford [...] More »

The SSI Dual-Shear M160 Two-Shaft Shredder Eats a Giant Truck Tire

by John Coyle Forget burnouts. The SSI Dual-Shear M160 Two-Shaft Shredder really destroys tires. And refrigerators. And sofa beds. And anything else you put in there. After the disappointing critical reception of X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox Studios even fed it Wolverine, and the faceless shredder ripped apart his adamantium skeleton like it was a pile [...] More »

Tips for Proper Tire Inflation

Proper tire inflation is essential to not only good fuel mileage, but also to your overall safety. Tire inflation affects a wide range of factors with the vehicle during transit. The handling, cornering, braking and steering are all affected by the inflation level in your tires. The inflation level itself can also be affected by [...] More »

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