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Ford has Found a Way to Turn Carbon Dioxide into Car Parts

cq5dam.web.1024.768 (3) - Copy

We know Ford is big about recycling the aluminum that it uses to make F-150s. What can it do with a byproduct of industrial activities, a climate-changing gas such as carbon dioxide, though?

  Comments | By - May 23, 2016

Ford Teases Upcoming Raptor with Details Video


Ford has dropped another teaser video for the 2017 Ford Raptor that includes a breakdown of all the new technical details of the company’s off-road pickup.

  Comments | By - May 20, 2016

Matthew McConaughey Promotes the 2017 Lincoln MKZ without Saying a Word

Matthew McConaughey 2017 Lincoln MKZ 2

Alright, alright, alright. Matthew McConaughey is back as the pitchman for the Lincoln Motor Company.

  Comments | By - May 20, 2016

This Raptor Has Gullwing Doors, But for a Practical Reason


Aside from looks, is there a practical reason for a Raptor to have gullwing doors instead of normal ones? Check out this video and see for yourself!

  Comments | By - May 17, 2016

Fly High Aboard the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane


Like many of the most prestigious automotive manufacturers in the world, Ford built propeller airplanes during a period of time, and one of those Tri-motor beauties is still flying around.

  Comments | By - May 16, 2016

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