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Watch a F-150 Lightning Do a Serious Burnout


Wanna see something cool? There are a lot of videos of F-150s doing burnouts on YouTube. That’s a fact. That said, there’s a surprising lack of videos featuring the F-150 Lightning doing to the deed. Apparently the guys at Bullet Motorsports felt the same way. But instead of writing about it on a blog, they [...] More »

TRUCKIN’ FAST Super Duty Takes Flight

soaring super duty 624

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a worked Ford Super Duty pickup out playing in the sand dunes and while this certainly isn’t the fastest Super Duty we have seen – it gets going fast enough to take flight when it reaches the peak of the biggest sand dune. There are no useful details about [...] More »

Jim Carrey Wants to Sell You a Lincoln


In case you missed it over the weekend, Jim Carrey, as Matthew McConaughey, made a series of funny commercial spoofs selling Lincolns on Saturday Night Live. The first ad spot captures the moodiness of McConaughey’s recent commercials for Lincoln, the second one gets funnier and the last one that features SNL‘s Kenan Thompson as an [...] More »

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