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BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A 1967 F-100 Build


Ford has been making trucks an awfully long time, and we’re thankful for that. There is a great multitude of different classic Fords to love, and, while they are all somewhat different, they all have stayed true to their roots.

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Watch a 1979 Ford 460 Race Truck Paint Stripes on the Road


This wild video features a cool 1979 Ford F-150 that has been modified for drag racing duties, including an obviously modified 460 cubic inch big block V8.

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Then and Now: The 31,000,000th Ford Pickup and a New F-150 in Action


On May 3, 1945 the 31,000,000th Ford built was a pickup truck. Apparently, they were only available in one color – Village Green! It had a Flathead V8 with 90 horsepower underneath the hood. Today, there are over a dozen colors to choose from and you can see them all here. This is a pre-production […] More »

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A Truck Load of Potential: A Classic 1975 Ford F-100 Build


Not all builds are clean. In fact, some are quite messy and take a lot of┬ákicking, prodding, sifting, and head-scratching in order to get right. Some start out simple and complacent, and others are… not so nice. Member usuallybowtie ended up with the latter with this 1975 Ford F-100. Though Chevy trucks are his normal […] More »

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Jeffy Lilly’s Gorgeous 1950 F1 RestoMod

by Jackie Wilson Ford-Trucks After it left the factory, this 1950 Ford F1 suffered greatly at the hands of an amateur restorer, who stripped it off paint and left it to fend for itself in the elements. But fortunately, Jeff Lilly saved the old Blue Oval before it became an unrecognizable pile of rust. The […] More »

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