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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the F Series Part 2

Transition from F-100 to F-150 Due to emission laws, in 1975 the F-150 was introduced, filling the slot between the F-100 and F-250. As years went by, the F-150 had essentially overtaken the F-100 in purpose. By 1983, the F-100 designation was gone. Impress your friends with that nugget of chronology. image [] Ford F-150 [...] More »

Ford Truck Runs Into Guy Holding Exercise Ball

I started writing about this video probably five different times. There were a bunch of angles I tried, but none of them seemed to match the sheer magnificence of this clip. There’s no reason to do this, and you’d be an idiot to try it. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that idiots [...] More »

Top 5 Filthiest Fords on Facebook

Garage queens can sit this one out. Ford asked it’s Facebook fans last month to post some pictures of their trucks getting dirty, and man did they come through. Hit the gallery below to browse some of the dirtiest Fords we could find. Think you can do better? Show us your truck in the forums!

Ford Trucks to Star in Barrett-Jackson Auction

by Adam Pockross If you like Ford trucks (and really, if you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong forum), then you should love Barrett-Jackson auctions. Barrett-Jackson features a virtual history lesson’s worth of Ford truck beauties and beasts, as well as pretty much everything else under the automotive sun. Barrett-Jackson’s 41st annual Scottsdale auction is [...] More »

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