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How Ford’s Electric Speedometer Works


As you may, or may not know, the speedometer accuracy is determined by a few factors with the biggest two being your differential ring gear ratio and the size of your tires. When a Ford Truck leaves the factory, it is programmed to know that a certain tooth count equals a certain speed on your [...] More »

Jim Carrey Wants to Sell You a Lincoln


In case you missed it over the weekend, Jim Carrey, as Matthew McConaughey, made a series of funny commercial spoofs selling Lincolns on Saturday Night Live. The first ad spot captures the moodiness of McConaughey’s recent commercials for Lincoln, the second one gets funnier and the last one that features SNL‘s Kenan Thompson as an [...] More »

Ford Aerospace Division: Tanks for the Memories


If you have been following my posts you may have seen that I spent my last three years at Ford (2004-2007) working as an automatic transmission cooling engineer. I also started my engineering career working on cooling. I worked for Chrysler Defense, Inc., as an automatic transmission engineer from 1980-1982. Early in 1982 we were [...] More »

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