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A Funny Ford (Expletive) Tough Commercial & Outtake


Minnesota forum member SVTDriver97 passed along this hilarious gem for your viewing pleasure that is definitely not safe for work. There’s no nudity or anything too salacious, its just a funny outtake from a 1991 Ford commercial that may or may not make your mom blush. There are two takes of the same commercial selling [...] More »

Jay Leno’s First Ride – A 1934 Ford Pickup


Who knew?  Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s first ride was a truck. And not just any truck,  a 1934 Ford pickup that he bought for $350! The comedian collector opened his incredible garage to the Los Angeles Times earlier this week. Since retiring from his late night gig, he currently chooses between 130 cars and 93 motorcycles [...] More »

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