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Ford Exceeds UAW Job Commitment


Well, the UAW will be smiling. Well, no, they never smile. However, they should be very happy with the news that Ford has not only met its goal of creating 12,000 hourly jobs in the U.S. by 2015 in 2014, but they have exceeded it. Total new job creation to date exceeds 14,000 and will [...] More »

New Ford F-150 Offers Parallel Parking for Dummies

2015 F-150 Active Park Assist

Good news! Help is on the way for drivers who¬†can’t parallel park a pickup properly. In the very near future, the parking challenged can find their salvation in the all-new Ford F-150. Yes, it’s true, “Active Assist Parking” is now an option. No longer will they be destined to trash bumpers, park on the curb [...] More »

THIS OLD AD Free Wheeling Fords of 1978


Check out these “Free Wheeling” factory-customized Ford trucks and vans from the late 1970s. It’s hard to imagine what types of graphics Ford would come up with today if they offered a new line of customized trucks. The “Free Wheeling” Styleside pickup above has rainbow stripes, blacked out bumper and grille, aluminum wheels and Goodyear [...] More »

THIS OLD AD 1957 Ford F-100


“Boldly modern styling…modern through and through!” This old ad is a brochure cover featuring a red and white 1957 Ford F-100. “For ’57 and the years ahead FORD TRUCKS COST LESS… less to own..less to run..last longer, too!” proclaims the advertisement. The new Styleside body was standard at no extra cost, too. Flareside pickups with [...] More »

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