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Ford’s Going All Out For Frankfurt Auto Show

Ford Motor Company is set to put on an exciting display for the bi-annual Frankfurt Auto Show. With a 34,500 square foot indoor setup and an additional 30,000 square foot outdoor track, it’s the biggest showcase Ford has ever put together for Frankfurt. Rather than simply putting its vehicles on a pedestal, Ford will preview […] More »

An Inside Look at Automotive Platform Sharing

Pros and Cons of Not Having to Start from Scratch by Jason Giacchino It seems like with each and every automobile released, careful examination reveals that the model actually shares a platform with another existing model.  Stranger still is that sometimes it appears the two models in question have absolutely nothing in common with one […] More »

Fords Marketing Chief has Harsh Words for GM

by Patrick Rall Jim Farley is the Chief of Ford Marketing and with a family tree chock full of Ford executives – Mr. Farley is a passionate individual.  I have had the chance to meet Jim Farley several times and his passion for Ford Motor Company and the automotive world as a whole comes across […] More »

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