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This is the Ford Bronco You Really Want!

1974_Ford_Bronco_LAMBORGHINI_GREEN-165 (1)

After looking at this, any fears you have of the new Bronco will fade away because you know that you can go out and get the exact Bronco you want.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

Tow to Tow: Truck Ratings Vastly Different These Days


Remember the good old days when a half-ton was a half-ton? If you wanted to carry more or tow more than what a half-ton truck offered, you upped to a three-quarter-ton.

  Comments | By - August 27, 2015

Could We See the New Bronco as Early as Next Year?

OJ Ford Bronco

The Internet is a-buzz about the possibility of the Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco making a return for sales in the United States. But how soon could we see this amazing new product? Could we see it as early as next year?

  Comments | By - August 27, 2015

Will Ford Own the Texas State Fair Auto Show?


So far this year, Ford has had a product announcement at all of the big auto shows. They unleashed the Raptor, Ford GT, and Shelby GT350 R at the North American International Auto Show.

  Comments | By - August 25, 2015

What Do Y’all Look for in a New Truck…Aside from a Manual?

cq5dam.web.1024.768 (3)

A while ago, I posed a question to all of you about what you look for when you purchase a new truck. While it might seem like a simple question to answer, everyone has different tastes and requirements.

  Comments | By - August 25, 2015

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