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This Ford Ranger Put Its Big Boy Pants On!


Ah, the Ford Ranger. Ford’s midsize, economical, efficient, and the perfect truck for those that don’t really want or need a truck.

  Comments | By - June 9, 2016

Chevrolet Attacks Ford’s Aluminum, Again, While Drastically Discounting Their Trucks


Chevrolet takes another run at attacking the aluminum used for the body of the 2015 and newer Ford F-150 with another attack ad.

  Comments | By - June 8, 2016

Is the Ford F-650 Super Truck the Dumbest Vehicle Ever Produced?


Most Ford F-650s see work as commercial trucks. But some slap a pickup truck bed on to the back and call them a Super Truck. Are they stupid?

  Comments | By - June 6, 2016

The European Ford Ranger is Much Like the American F-150


There once was a time when a small-size truck knew its place in the food chain compared to a full-size truck. That’s not the case in the United States anymore, but it’s even more so in Europe.

  Comments | By - June 3, 2016

2017 Raptor’s Tire Choice Adds Even More Off-Road Credibility

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford and Ford Performance made a good choice by selecting BFGoodrich K02 tires for the new Ford Raptor. Here’s why that’s the preferred tire.

  Comments | By - June 2, 2016

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