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Baja 1000 Ford Raptor: Up Close & Personal

Check out the awesome Foutz Motorsports Ford F-150 Raptor in Detroit and see what it takes to run the Baja.

  Comments | By - January 17, 2017

Ken Block Rocks a Raptor in the Snow (Video)

Ever wonder what’d happen if Ken Block got a hold of some fresh snow and a 2017 Raptor?

  Comments | By - January 10, 2017

BREAKING: Ford Confirms Michigan-Built Ranger and Bronco (Video)

Buyers should expect the Ford Ranger in 2019, and the Ford Bronco by 2020.

  Comments | By - January 9, 2017

Ford Beats Dodge Again!

Ford Beats Dodge

The reason why a truck owner chose a Ford over a Ram may just shock you.

  Comments | By - January 9, 2017

Ford F-Series Is America’s Best Selling Truck for 40 Years Straight

Being able to quickly adapt to consumer preferences and needs has been crucial to remaining at the top for 40 years. Beginning with the King Ranch in 2001, Ford offered…

  Comments | By - January 6, 2017

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