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Ford Aerospace Division: Tanks for the Memories


If you have been following my posts you may have seen that I spent my last three years at Ford (2004-2007) working as an automatic transmission cooling engineer. I also started my engineering career working on cooling. I worked for Chrysler Defense, Inc., as an automatic transmission engineer from 1980-1982. Early in 1982 we were [...] More »

HOW IT WORKS The Lowdown on Sway Bars


You look under your truck and see those bars going across from one control arm to another. They attach by a set of links and move with the suspension. Those bars are your sway bars and they have a big job being attached to your truck. We’ll discuss this in a quick look into them [...] More »

BRAKE TECH Master Cylinders and ABS Systems


When you use the brake pedal, fluid is transferred to the lines and calipers to create the friction needed to get your Ford Truck stopped. That motion of the brake pedal is turned into that pressure by the Master Cylinder. That’s not all, in modern times there has been a second piece between the master [...] More »

BUILDUP A 1969 Ford F-100 Gets Tough Love


Ford truck enthusiast wRONg_all_day has taken the step from livid watcher and admirer and has decided to reconstruct a glorious Ford beauty of his own. This is his first build, but is also a worthy cause. A 1969 Ford F-100 long bed with three-on-the-tree and a bad 240 motor — who could argue with bringing [...] More »

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