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Gettin’ Tired


The time will come when you’ll need to upgrade your tires. It will either be when your stock tires are finally worn out, when the trails you access become too much for your tires to grip on, or when your weather conditions warrant it. Picking the right tire will not only help give your Ford [...] More »

AllData Gives FTE Members Discounts on Full Repair Info, Free Access to All TSBs and Recalls

Over the years, the Ford-Trucks community has transformed this site into an essential resource for any Ford fan””and we’re constantly looking for ways to make it better. So we’re excited to announce that FTE members now have access to another fantastic resource. Now, FTE members can already view the technical service bulletins and recall information related [...] More »

Ford Being Sued Over Truck Fuel Tank Defects

via (Reuters) Ford may be in some hot water over fuel tank lining issues, with a suit being filed against them earlier this week. According to the plaintiffs, E and F-Series model trucks from 1999 to 2008 may suffer from flaking fuel tank lining. Of course, having stuff floating around in your fuel is definite [...] More »

How to Fix a 3rd Brake Light Water Leak

When fixing a 3rd brake light water leak, it’s important to follow the process carefully to avoid wasting time and further damage to your vehicle. The 3rd brake light is the brake light above the windshield on many vehicles. When this leaks it can damage the inside of your car and the wiring that makes [...] More »

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