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Ford’s Galaxy Can Prevent Speeding Tickets

Ford Reveals All-New Galaxy; Luxurious Seven-Seater Offers First-Class Travel with More Convenience and Practicality

For those of us that live in the United States, we really don’t know what MPVs are. Basically, they’re minivans, but they come in a variety of sizes. Today, Ford unveiled a new version of their big MPV, called the Galaxy, that has some interesting new features.

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New Ford Taurus to Debut in Shanghai on April 18th

2015 Ford Taurus (Not the New One)

Pack your bags, everyone! We’re going to China! At least that’s what every automaker has been saying for the past couple of years. Ford has said they plan on introducing 15 vehicles to the Chinese marketplace this year, and they just announced that one of those nameplates will be the all-new Ford Taurus.

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Ford Wins Another Auto Show, This Time with Lincoln

Lincoln Continental Concept

The four biggest auto shows in the United States are Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. It’s often difficult to declare a single winner at any of these events, but it’s even more rare for a manufacturer to win at more than one. So far this year, Ford has won two; the Detroit show with the Ford Performance trifecta, and in New York with the Lincoln Continental.

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Volkswagen Seemingly Begging Ford to Sell Focus Wagon in U.S.

The new Ford Focus ST

Ford, we’d like a Focus wagon please!

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Is This the Actual Blue on the Ford GT?

All-New Ford GT

Ever since Ford pulled the covers off their entirely new performance lineup of vehicles in Detroit back in January, including the new Ford GT, people have been enamored with the Liquid Blue paint scheme.

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