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10 Ways to Save When Insuring Your Ford Escape

If you drive a Ford Escape, car insurance is probably a significant part of your budget. SUVs generally cost more to insure than smaller vehicles and, as a result, Ford Escape owners may be paying an arm and a leg for insurance. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce your Escape’s premium by 20 or 30 [...] More »

Bad Credit? You’ll Pay More to Insure Your Ford Truck

Wondering why your Ford truck costs so much to insure? It’s not just because it’s a truck””your credit score may be to blame. Many insurance companies factor in a driver’s credit score when determining premiums, and poor credit could be costing you a fortune. Fortunately, Ford truck drivers with bad credit can still save on [...] More »

Insure Your Ford Truck for Less By Raising Your Deductible

Ford trucks have dominated American automotive culture for over six decades. Unfortunately, since most Ford trucks and SUVs have large engines with tons of horsepower, they usually cost an arm and a leg to insure. Luckily, truck owners can slash insurance costs by raising their deductible. High Deductible = Low Premium Here’s a simple rule [...] More »

Leasing a Ford Truck? Save on Auto Insurance

Leasing a Ford Truck? Lucky you! With fantastic reliability ratings, plenty of seating capacity and tons of horsepower, it’s no wonder Ford trucks have been a staple of American automotive culture for nearly a century. Before you load up your truck and hit the open road, though, don’t forget about auto insurance. If you’re leasing [...] More »

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