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9 Easy Ways to Save When Insuring your F-150

As Ford F-150 drivers already know, full-size trucks can cost a fortune to insure. If you’re paying too much to insure your F-150, why not shop around for a more affordable policy? Rates vary widely by insurer, and not all insurers offer low-cost rates to owners of full-size trucks, so shopping around could save you […] More »

10 Ways to Save When Insuring Your Ford Escape

If you drive a Ford Escape, car insurance is probably a significant part of your budget. SUVs generally cost more to insure than smaller vehicles and, as a result, Ford Escape owners may be paying an arm and a leg for insurance. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce your Escape’s premium by 20 or 30 […] More »

Bad Credit? You’ll Pay More to Insure Your Ford Truck

Wondering why your Ford truck costs so much to insure? It’s not just because it’s a truck””your credit score may be to blame. Many insurance companies factor in a driver’s credit score when determining premiums, and poor credit could be costing you a fortune. Fortunately, Ford truck drivers with bad credit can still save on […] More »

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