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Glossary of Automotive Acronyms

A – Amperes A/C – Air Conditioning A/CL BIMET – Air Cleaner Bi-Metal Sensor A/CL DV – Air Cleaner Duct and Valve Vacuum Motor A/D – Analog to Digital Converter A/F – Air Fuel Ratio A/T – Automatic Transmission A4R70W – Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide Ration Transmission AAC – Auxiliary Air Control Valve AAT – [...] More »

Ford Door Sticker Decoder

1. Exterior Paint Color Code2. Region Code3. Special Order Code4. Wheelbase Code5. Brakes Code6. Interior Trim Color Code7. Tape/Paint Pinstripe Code8. Radio Code9. Axle Code10. Transmission Code11. Spring Code Interior Trim Codes: 1 – limited leather sport bucket seats (Explorer) A – Hampton vinyl bucket seats – Econoline A – vinyl bucket seats (Explorer) A [...] More »

Custom & Classic Truck, Index 1

CUSTOM & CLASSIC TRUCKSSorted by issue CCT 8/94 Body Tilt Hood How Too Mike ChessersCCT 8/94 General Chemical Dipping & Powder Coating CCT 8/94 General Finding A Truck CCT 8/94 General Heat Coatings CCT 8/94 Suspension Air Bag Suspension CCT 4/95 Body Power Windows Dan CarpenterCCT 4/95 Body Smooth Firewalls CCT 4/95 Engine Degree’ing A [...] More »

Custom & Classic Truck, Index 2

CUSTOM & CLASSIC TRUCKSSorted by topic CCT 12/95 Beds Bed Tips CCT 6/97 Beds Custom Beds CCT 6/97 Beds Bed Wood CCT 6/97 Beds Bed Hardware CCT 6/97 Beds Tail Gate Tricks CCT 4/98 Beds Bed Building CCT 8/99 Beds How To Build A Bed CCT 4/00 Beds Bed Rug Install Auto Custom Carpet CCT [...] More »

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