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Ford LTL Gets Massive Air on Dirt Jump

Marcus Slater Ford-Trucks How’s this for awesome? Driver Ash nichols flew his Ford LTL a whopping 102 feet. Why? Honestly, I’ve got no idea. I know it’s in Australia, and honestly, that’s probably enough of a reason. The crazy thing is that it doesn’t even look like it’s going that fast on the run up. [...] More »

5 Reasons To Bet on Ford in a Tug-o-War

Are tug-o-wars stupid? Are they a meaningful indicator of usefulness? No, not really. But who cares! Trucks trying to out pull other trucks is fun to watch. I’d even argue there’s some skill in it. There’s definitely and element of preparation. From tires, to truck weight, to hookup height… There are a million ways to [...] More »

Mike Higgins Flies To Record At Silver Lake Dunes

68Ford Fan F150Online Mike Higgins launched his heavily modified Ford Raptor trophy truck an incredible 180 feet at Silver Lake Dunes before crashing back to Earth in a somewhat spectacular fashion. The landing almost broke the truck in two but luckily Mike was unhurt. Apparently this is the farthest anyone has ever jumped at Silver [...] More »

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