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BUILDUP 2002 Ford Ranger Edge FX4 Conversion


Ford truck enthusiast DemonRace6 has been a member of Ford-Trucks since 2007, and is also a devout supporter of the site. Though he spent some time working on another project — a Yamaha Rhino, to be exact — he is still pursuing a rather unique build with his father. The build seems basic at first; the truck [...] More »

How to Change the Oil for your Ford Ranger

One of the most important regular maintenance jobs that you’ll need to perform on your Ford Ranger is changing the oil. The oil is responsible for lubricating the engine and keeping it from overheating, which can result in serious damage to the vehicle. You should plan to change your oil about every 3000 miles or [...] More »

VIDEO: How to Replace 1992 Ranger Rear Brake Shoes

Servicing the rear drum brakes of your Ford Ranger Doing your own brake service is a great way to save money and with only simple tools even a novice mechanic can change the shoes and spring kit found under drum brakes. Other than the parts, to service your drum brakes you will need the following [...] More »

VIDEO: How to Replace 1992 Ranger Front Rotors and Bearings

Replacing the rotors and re-packing the wheel bearings on your 1992 Ford Ranger will allow you to drive and enjoy your truck for many additional miles. Tools and Other Items You Will Require large and small flat head screwdrivers mallet hammer special purchase tool: four-prong spanner wrench (2-1/4 inch diameter) ½-drive ratchet and extension torque [...] More »