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Ford Releases New Everest SUV Concept


Without a hint of irony, Ford has released some details on their new SUV concept dubbed “The Everest.” Hidden in it’s shadow are few announcements about where Ford is taking it’s small displacement—we’re talking 1.5 liters—motors in the future, but that’s not nearly as interesting as this new SUV.

Spy Shots: Ranger Based SUV Spied in the Snow

Spy-Shots of Cars

With the Ford Ranger Pickup being available in most European, Asian and American countries as well as Australia and New Zealand, this Ranger-based SUV could as well be offered in all these markets when it gets officially introduced in the second half of 2014. It is believed to be a seven-seater. The car clearly has [...] More »

Ford Ranger With Roadster Top

The fun thing about mods is that you never know what you’re going to find when searching for something new. A lot of times, we see lifted trucks with wicked suspension and trick diffs. Super Duties capable of towing the sun if they had enough grip. But a Ranger? They’re small and typically pretty beat [...] More »

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