Category: Ford F150 (& F250 Light Duty) 1997 – Present

New Ford F-150 Offers Parallel Parking for Dummies

2015 F-150 Active Park Assist

Good news! Help is on the way for drivers who can’t parallel park a pickup properly. In the very near future, the parking challenged can find their salvation in the all-new Ford F-150. Yes, it’s true, “Active Assist Parking” is now an option. No longer will they be destined to trash bumpers, park on the curb [...] More »

The Truckin’ Fastest Ford F-150 Ever!


This video features what I believe could be the Truckin’ Fastest Ford F-150 I have ever seen. This F-150 has been built by Ida Automotive specifically for the purpose of attacking the Bonneville Salt Flats in an effort to go over 200 miles per hour with a full size pickup truck. Fittingly, the team has [...] More »

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