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How To Change the Oil for your Ford F-150

Changing the oil on your Ford F-150 is a relatively straightforward process. This should take you about one hour to do. It’s necessary to change the oil in your Ford truck every 3000 driven miles or so in order to keep the engine properly lubricated. Failing to change the oil can cause serious and irreparable [...] More »

Fixing squeaky ball joints on your Ford F150

Do you have an annoying creak when turning the wheel of your F150?  This is a common issue since Ford likes to use sealed ball joints on their trucks but it is something that you can fix in your driveway with some basic tools.  To fix this issue, you will want to replace the upper [...] More »

VIDEO: How to Replace a Power Mirror on a 1999 Ford F150

If you have a broken or cracked mirror on your 1999 Ford F-150, you can replace it yourself. The procedure is relatively easy and requires about an hour of your time. Tools and Equipment You Will Need a medium-sized flathead screwdriver a ratchet and extension a 7/16ths-inch socket (preferably magnetized) replacement mirror Remove Old Mirror [...] More »

VIDEO: How to Rotate Your Ford F150′s Tires

It’s always a good idea to perform routine maintenance on your Ford F-150. It is the small routine jobs that will keep your truck running well for many years to come. Tire rotation is one of these duties. It will keep your tires wearing at a uniform rate and help prevent premature tire replacement. Fortunately, [...] More »

Replacing The Fuel Filter 2004 And Newer F150 Pickups

By "Superrangerman2002" My F-150 filter has 25,000 miles and it looks like this. That was a clean rag. I always change my fuel filters right around every 25000 miles. I believe that Ford says something like 30000 miles, but I don’t know for sure. With the quality of gas coming out of the pumps due [...] More »

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