Category: F150 Drivetrain, Transmission, & Axle

Axle Tech: What Axle Splines Do


You hear from your buddies “in the know” that say you need at least a 33 splined axle to drive those 35-inch tall tires or to put big power to the ground. What is he talking about? Wouldn’t more splines mean less metal to hold against that torque the axle sees? We’ll be taking a [...] More »

F150: Installing a Mag-Hytec Differential Cover

By Michael Zimmers30 July 2004 My 2001 F-150 has seen mostly tame street use in its first 49,000 miles, but a planned trip into the Sierra Nevada mountains during the end of summer was going to change this. Envisioning very high air temperatures, steep hills and other challenges to keeping a drivetrain cool, I decided [...] More »

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