Category: Ford F-Series 1980 – 1996 (F150, F250, F350, etc.)

Installing A Dick Cepek Series II 6″ lift kit

  By Bob Kennedy   The removal of the axle was about the easiest thing to do. This took about 3 hours. It consisted of removing the pitman arm, shocks, coil spring retainer, the Radius Arm nuts and the TTB Pivot bolts. It sat on 2 floor jacks as I did this, releasing the jacks [...] More »

Blown 460 Stroker (Part 1)

By Tim Meyer This engine project will be a 514 stroker topped off with a Dyers 8-71 blower. We will be building this completely and running it on our dyno. Due date is mid-March where it will find its home in a jet boat The first steps we take with any engine it stripping the [...] More »

2×4 to 4×4 for ’80 to ’96 F-100/150′s

By: Dan MacDonald The most asked question I get asked about the conversions is "Was is hard to do?" Well, depends what you call hard. If you are pretty good with a socket and ratchet, it should be no prob. I might add, if you do have access to any pneumatic tools…that would greatly speed [...] More »

1980 – 1986 2wd 3.03 to NP435 transmission Swap

By Evan MacDonald I did this swap on a 1980 F100, and it should be applicable to any 80-86 with a 3.03, and likely any column shifted truck. Also, any floor shift 4 speed could be substituted for the NP 435. I can’t guarantee that the details such as the speedometer gear will be the [...] More »

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