Category: Ford F-Series 1980 – 1996 (F150, F250, F350, etc.)

1980 – 1986 2wd 3.03 to NP435 transmission Swap

By Evan MacDonald I did this swap on a 1980 F100, and it should be applicable to any 80-86 with a 3.03, and likely any column shifted truck. Also, any floor shift 4 speed could be substituted for the NP 435. I can’t guarantee that the details such as the speedometer gear will be the [...] More »

Overview: Installing a Superchips chip in a 1993 F150

<><>By Neal Osburn (To purchase a Superchips performance chip, click here.) Locate the computer code Things you’ll need: 1/2" wrench to remove battery cable 11 mm open-end wrench Ratchet (1/4" & 3/8" drive probably) 5.5 mm socket 8 mm socket 10 mm socket Pry bar Card connector cleaning supplies   Recommended items: T-10 & T-12 [...] More »

1993 F150 Superchips install: Detailed

I have written these as an alternative to removing the driver’s side kick-panel and the parking brake/hood release support bracket to get to the ECU on my 1993 F150. That method looked way too involved, so I decided to remove the ECU through the firewall from the engine compartment. Here’s how I did it: If [...] More »

Project Responder, the Ultimate Volunteer Firefighter’s Response Vehicle

Project Responder, the Ultimate Volunteer Firefighter’s Response Vehicle. By Michael Netherton After 250,000 miles, you would think a truck would be ready for retirement. That’s not the case for one truck. Michael Netherton, has taken a different approach to vehicle aging. Starting with an ’87 Ford F-250HD 4×4 Supercab truck, Michael’s organization, Project Responder, is [...] More »

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