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Big, Boss Boxes: Ford Trucks of the 1980s

Fords from the 1980s 7

From the big, crazy hairdos to the awful fashions, the ’80s were not easy on the eyes in many ways. Luckily, Ford trucks of the time were – as always.

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TRUCK IT UP How to Install a Tow Hook to Your Ford


Even if you don’t go off-roading, you may find a set of hooks useful one day. Here is a step by step breakdown with everything you need to know about adding tow hooks for your Ford F-150 or Super Duty truck.

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Project Responder, the Ultimate Volunteer Firefighter’s Response Vehicle

Project Responder, the Ultimate Volunteer Firefighter’s Response Vehicle. By Michael Netherton After 250,000 miles, you would think a truck would be ready for retirement. That’s not the case for one truck. Michael Netherton, has taken a different approach to vehicle aging. Starting with an ’87 Ford F-250HD 4×4 Supercab truck, Michael’s organization, Project Responder, is […] More »

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MileMarker Winch, Power Steering pump, and Front Bumper Installation on a 1986 – 1996 F250

The winch is a hydraulic Mile Mark 2 speed 10500 unit.  I purchased it from Summit Racing for 729 US with shipping.  Installation took a Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately performance wasn’t what I expected, first time using it I had to rev the engine up just to get it to pull in low range.  Second time […] More »

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