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TRUCK YOU! A 1967 Ford F-250 and a 1979 F-150 in South Dakota


It should come as no surprise that Ford trucks are relied upon in South Dakota. After all, they’re wonderful everywhere in the country, but when snow and rough terrain are present they become a rather dire necessity.

  Comments | By - April 21, 2015

This 1960 Ford F-Series Stepside Shortbed is F-Seriously Refreshed

DALSPR15183 - Copy

Classics never die, but when you’re thinking of buying a vehicle that came out when Ike was in office, such as this 1960 Ford F-100, you’d like to see at least a few parts described as “new.” Fortunately, this Blue Oval has some.

  Comments | By - April 3, 2015

Bigfoot is Real and It’ll Appear at the Atlanta Motorama…with Its Offspring

BIGFOOT1-side - Copy

“Bigfoot” is such a legend that it has two identities: the creature that wanders the wilderness and comes out blurry in photographs, and the iconic monster truck.

  Comments | By - March 30, 2015

THROWBACK VIDEO 1976 F-100 5.0L Got Better MPG than 2015!

1976 f100 fte ad

Today’s Throwback video takes us back to the 1970s, where we check out an ad for the 1976 Ford F-100 pickup.

  Comments | By - March 12, 2015

BUILDUP A 1952 Ford F6 Challenge


A build is a big job, and when all the skills one is equipped with came from an auto body class as a kid the job can seem even more enormous.

  Comments | By - March 11, 2015

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