Category: Ford F-Series 1953 – 1979

Old Blue: A 1966 F-100 Birthday Build


Meet “Old Blue,” 66ordie‘s 1966 Ford F-100 build. He has three goals for this build; firstly, to finish Old Blue before her fiftieth birthday in 2016. Secondly, to update the truck as best as he can with his limited knowledge of all things metal. And, thirdly, to make his late dad proud. After all, this wonderful [...] More »

Classic F-Series Lover’s Paradise?

Manuel Carillo III F150Online If you ever find yourself traveling along Route 66 in New Mexico, look up the Lewis Antique Auto & Toy Museum in your phone or navigation system, and then click on “directions to here”. “Museum” is a generous term for this automotive exhibition of rusting metal… At first glance, you think [...] More »

1951 Ford F1 Donuts Don’t Get Stale

by Adam Pockross The last time we reported about anything going down at the Bonneville Salt Flats, it was to tell you about a mostly stock F250 Super Duty shattering a land speed record. And usually that’s the kind of thing you see at Bonneville: speed. But today, we’re going to show you something decidedly [...] More »

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